Video of Bernedoodle Cruising in Seattle Is Out of This World

We'd do anything to see this in person.

We know Halloween has already passed, but there are still some amazing pet costumes that are too good not to share. In fact, the latest costume we fell in love with was a Bernedoodle dressing up with his owner. And let's just say it's out of this world!

TikTok user @lilmanlife took Benji the Bernedoodle to Seattle, Washington. They were right under the famous Space Needle dressed up in, nonother than, an astronaut costume. But the video doesn't stop there! You'll be amazed at how these two get around the city!

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O.M.G. Is this real life!? The owner really packed up his backpack with Benji and jetted off, with helmets, of course. That's so amazing! And you could tell Benji was having the time of his life. "I swear that dog is smiling," wrote @joanneclements745. He is absolutely smiling! We all see it!

"The greatest thing I've seen all week," commented @cherryredhed. SAME! We don't know if any video can top this one. @elieru1990 asked, "Should I be moving to Seattle?" For real though. Are these two cruising around Seattle every day? Because we'll move just to see them! 

Another TikTok user, @naomimaruaao, said, "This dog is so lucky to go everywhere with him, just like a child. So cute." Benji is the ultimate adventure dog and these two truly go everywhere together. We're immediately following this TikTok account so we can see where their adventure leads to next! 

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