Video: Ben Gravy Continues His Quest for Perfect Caribbean Surf

Ben Gravy has a thing for seeking waves that are off the beaten path.

While most pro surfers chased contest season to the North Shore, Gravy does things a little different.

He's managed to surf all 50 states, completed his mission to to surf seven seas in seven days, surfed "mini tsunamis" in Florida, boat wakes in Germany, and storm waves in Belgium. Most recently, he's been cruising the Caribbean.

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In his latest vlog above, Gravy's still chasing surf on an undisclosed island in the Caribbean.

Captioning the video, he explained:

"We knew there was big swell on the way to the island, but we didn't really know what to expect.

"Surfline was calling 10-15ft & all the buoys were reading around 10ft of surf here hitting our beaches. What we really didn't realize is that the swell would fade so quickly, but at the same time clean up & look absolutely stunning & perfect."

Gravy's latest release begins as he wakes up surrounded by surf and overwhelmed by options. He eventually paddles out, doesn't exactly score a dream session.

He Gravy recaps:

"Way more risk than reward out there. Dude, It was like eight-foot faces, and the takeoff zone is like a foot and a half deep and it just slabs out and just hammers down.

"But it's not like a real barrel, it's not a legit barrel. It's like just a clamper. I took off on a couple of waves but it was too dangerous out there for me."

From there, the search continues.

"The beauty of it is that we saw some really good waves while we were out there. So, we're gonna keep trying."

That's the spirit, Ben.


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