Video of Bear Scratching Its Back Has Everyone Laughing Out Loud

Dmitri Gomon/Shutterstock

Bears, particularly brown and black bears, are known to scratch their backs against trees, poles, or other rough surfaces as a way to alleviate itching or to mark their territory.

And witnessing this can sure be amusing, as you can see in this video, posted on October 22 by TikToker Megan Pieper, who captured such a moment in South Dakota. Let's see for ourselves!

How funny and cute is this?

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This behavior is quite common among brown bears, as well as black bears, and sure reminds everyone of the scene in The Jungle Book where Baloo is scratching his back.

Just like the song goes, "Look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities," as one TikToker commented.

When a bear finds an appropriate object, like a tree trunk or a pole, it will often stand on its hind legs and use its back or shoulders to rub against the surface, effectively scratching an itch or leaving behind their scent.

Just like humans, bears can experience itching for various reasons, and scratching against rough surfaces helps alleviate this itch.

We've all been there, am I right?

This behavior helps them remove loose fur, dirt, and parasites from their fur, promoting cleanliness and grooming.

Bears also have scent glands on their backs, and by rubbing against trees or poles, they leave their scent behind, just like dogs do. This marking communicates with other bears, indicating territory, status, or presence.

The TikTok community certainly agreed and sympathized with the bear.

Another person even suggested, "There’s no way that’s not a person in a bear costume."

It's also hard to resist petting the bear or giving it back scratches.

But don't be fooled by its cute demeanor; it's still a wild animal.

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