Video of Baby Squirrel Getting Comfy With His Bean Bag and Hot Water Bottle Is Too Cute

He's truly living the dream.

If you've ever secretly wanted a pet squirrel, a video online might just convince you to make it happen. Not only is TikTok creator Lewis Wildridge (@lllwildridge) living the dream with his pet squirrel, but really made us jealous with a recent video where the animal looks so darn cute. 

Wildridge rescued the his squirrel Lenny while out on a walk one day and has been rehabilitating him ever since. And sometimes that means resting with a bean bag and hot water bottle.

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"Just a baby squirrel getting comfy on his hot bean bag + hot water bottle," he wrote on the video's onscreen caption. Elsewhere on his page, Wildridge shared that he planned to bring Lenny to a wildlife rescue. "I really hope he gets the same luxuries at his new home, admittedly I’ve kinda spoiled him a little bit," he wrote in the caption. 

People in the comments section were rooting for Lenny. "I don’t think I’ve ever been so invested in a story on TikTok before. I wish you would keep him haha he loves you," @kelbanger wrote. "He won’t get the luxuries anywhere else, you have to keep him!!!" @mimi_smyth urged. "Keep him, there’s no way the sanctuary will give him the same love and care, he will be looked after but be heart broken, you’re his Daddy," @c5jj5c agreed.

However Wildridge really wanted Lenny to be with other squirrels. That's one good dad!

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