Video of Baby Shetland Pony Waking Up for the Day Is Total Cuteness Overload

We dare you to find anything cuter than this.

Ready for your daily dose of cute? This little Shetland Pony may need to hit snooze before showing off his sweet face, but that's A-OK with us. The way his owner and mom woke him up for the day is just the sweetest thing! 

TikToker and rancher @Madeline_seth2015 shared the adorable clip of the pony as an update after the little one was born, and we're oh-so-glad she did. This pony is simply precious, even as he naps.

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OMG, what a gorgeous little pony! We can't get enough of Baby Ted and his tiny self. He barely looks real! @Frugalmommaof4 was right on the money when she commented, "Its a UNICORN!!!!!!" He certainly looks and acts like a majestic little creature.

"Oh my lord his little pink eyes and lips," gushed @karlakuriger802. Aren't they the sweetest? In a way, they add to his almost un-real look, and we are obsessed. It's even cuter that he looks like a miniature version of his mama! 

"Mama saying: You woke him up now you got a watch him," said @craigshaeper. Ain't that the truth! Every new mom needs a break every now and again, and this Shetland is no exception. Luckily, Madeline seems more than willing to spend time with the little one...even if he's a bit slow to respond!

@TerriHolland987 commented, "he's so sweet! When can you test him if he can see and hear?" So we weren't the only ones who noticed! Madeline responded, "He can see very well. As for hearing I’ll look into that very soon." We can't wait to get all of Ted's updates--whether he's hearing or not!