This Victoria Beckham-Approved Brand's New Anti-Aging Cream Gives Shoppers' Skin a 'Youthful Bounce'—So I Tried It

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When I wake up stressed, it shows on my face. So, when I heard SoCal-based skincare brand Osea released a nighttime moisturizer that’s clinically proven to reduce the way stress reflects on skin, I needed to find out whether a cream could at least make me *look* less stressed. Fake it until you make it, right?

The Osea Collagen Dream Night Cream uses a vegan retinol alternative in combination with algae-derived bio-retinol and biomimetic lipids. The lipids promote a strong skin barrier while the seaweed product, as curious as it might sound, is actually Osea’s specialty ingredient. I’ve used the brand’s Victoria Beckham-approved Undaria Algae Body Oil for a few years now, so I’m already familiar with the brand’s research on the ocean’s healing properties and its sustainable seaweed sourcing.

Osea Collagen Dream Night Cream, $68 at Osea

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As the first overnight moisturizer that lessens the effects of stress on skin, as backed by clinical studies, the Collagen Dream Night Cream’s seaweed-based formula packs big promises. After one use, 97% of 30 women ages 33 to 60 said their skin felt smoother and softer. After four weeks, 94% of the same group said their skin looked brighter and “regained its youthful bounce.”

I used the Collagen Dream Night Cream for about two weeks, lathering it on just before going to bed each night as the last step of my evening skincare routine. The cream has a luxurious, butter-like feel that massaged into my face and neck beautifully without weighing my skin down. And while I noticed the hydrating properties upon application, it’s the fact that I woke up with nourished-looking and -feeling skin that surprised me.

After about a week of use, I truly noticed some newfound radiance on my face. Even with the stress of traveling for work and an abnormal series of morning-to-night meetings, my skin felt bouncy and ready to take on the day. There were no signs of leftover oiliness — just a bright face and an ever-so-slightly-smoother forehead, from my POV.

The organic lavender scent is just subtle enough. While it doesn’t smell like I sprayed perfume before bed, the essence lingers long enough to ease me toward sleep. I’m totally the type who keeps lavender spray on my nightstand, so I’d go as far as to say the smell is one of my favorite aspects of the formula.

To top it off, the night cream comes in simple, yet elevated packaging. The frosted glass pot lets you see all 1.9 ounces of the purple-tinted product, which I like because it shows you exactly what you’re getting for $68.

It’s true that there are more budget-friendly night creams like the Olay Regenerist Retinol24 Night Moisturizer, which is about half the price of the Osea Collagen Dream Night Cream. I also don’t think Osea’s moisturizer is a good pick for anyone who avoids scented skincare, especially of the floral variety.

That said, if you’re getting tired of your stress reflecting on your skin, this Osea night cream is totally worth a try. Seaweed-infused skincare could be exactly what you need to wake up looking like you’ve had a full night of sleep, even on those nights you can’t catch as many zzz’s as you’d like.