Vice Media Will Launch Women’s Interest Channel Called Broadly [Video]

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Vice Media, the alternative media company that has become a go to for in-depth reporting done with a voice of rough masculinity, is entering the women’s market with its new women’s interest channel, Broadly, set to launch August 3, 2015. Editor in chief and director of content Tracie Egan Morrissey and publisher Shanon Kelley lead the channel, which will cover politics, sex, culture, and fashion. “Blogs are either reacting to the news, gossiping about celebrities or discussing the latest beauty and fashion trends,” Kelley told the Hollywood Reporter. “We’re going to be telling the stories you won’t hear anywhere else.” Vice has certainly become more female-oriented in recent years, from its acquisition of British fashion magazine i-D to its hiring of former White House staffer Alyssa Mastromonaco as chief operating officer.

The trailer for the channel showcases the multitude of stories and personalities that Broadly will share, from the last-standing lesbian bars of San Francisco to Islamic creationist and cult leader Adnan Oktar’s blonde buxom followers known as “kittens” to a New Orleans motorcycle gang called the Caramel Curves. Outspoken personalities like actress Rose McGowan and conservative pundit Ann Coulter will make appearances. (In the trailer, Coulter confirms that she doesn’t believe women should be allowed to vote — but they should have political opinions.) “I just want people to shine a light for the next person who’s coming in the dark, because I had no one shining a light for me,” McGowan says in the video.

Three shows on the channel that the Hollywood Reporter mentions are “A Day in the Life,” about lifestyles and careers, “Style and Error,” about fashion, and “How (Blank) Found Feminism,” about how individuals first declared themselves feminists. The experiences of 21st century women and what womanhood mean to them differs and varies across a spectrum, and Broadly intends to not only tell these stories, but also give the women themselves the chance to be the storyteller.


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