Vet Lists Weird and Hilarious Reasons People Bring Pets to the Animal Hospital

The first one is totally priceless.

Typically we take our pets to the animal hospital when they are showing signs of sickness or they got injured. And we thought that was what most people went to the vet for as well, but apparently not. You'll be blown away at some of the reasons people bring their pets to a vet.

TikTok user and vet @dr.bozelkaervet shared a hilarious video that explains just some of the ridiculous reasons why people bring their pets to the animal hospital. It's no wonder the video already has nearly 5 million views within the first day of being posted - the reasons are unheard of!

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LMAO! We can't believe this vet actually gets people who bring in pets for these types of reasons. We thought he was joking but this vet isn't joking! That explains the drink he has in the beginning. LOL!

"Omg, I've never laughed so hard at this. Followed, hearted and commented," wrote @missgeminicupcake. Right?! We were cracking up the entire time. Each reason got more and more ridiculous as the video went on. There can only be one explanation for why these people come into the animal hospital with these questions. "Gotta be their first animal," said @nyxiandromeda. Retweet! That's exactly how it is for first-time parents too. They're concerned about every little breath their baby takes that they'll call the doctor every second if they could!

Another TikTok user, @agirlandherfloofs, commented, "Keep that whiskey in your desk." LOL! Something tells us he'll be needing that whiskey handy as other pet parents will be coming in with new hilarious and weird reasons to visit the vet.

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