This ‘very loved’ baby is being raised by 2 teen parents and all of their friends

One young couple’s viral TikTok is embodying the proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Uploaded by 19-year-old mom Kay (@kkayleeadams), the video has been watched over 22 million times and gained over 34,000 comments.

“pov: you’re being raised by 2 teen parents & their friends,” the video caption reads, followed by a series of photos.

In each one, little Braxton is held by a different person — sometimes his teen parents and sometimes their friends. But in every photo, it’s impossible to ignore that the baby is being showered with love and affection by the group of friends, who appear to still be in high school.

“let’s just say he’s very loved,” @kkayleeadams wrote in the post caption, as the Natasha Bedingfield song “Pocket Full of Sunshine” played in the background.

The video was first shared in October 2021, when Braxton was just 6 months old. But according to his mom’s TikTok page, he is now an equally happy toddler (even if he is a “handful and a half”), and she has since gone on to graduate high school while raising him in a close-knit and loving environment.

The video has now gained over 22 million views and more than 36,000 comments from people who seem to be truly touched by the story.

“The support is IMMACULATE,” one person wrote.

“this kid’s approved pick up list is gonna be long af,” another person added. “love that.”

“the way i can’t tell who the babys parents are, i know they’re surrounded by so much love,” said someone else.

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