Here Are the Very Best Brow Products at Sephora For Under $25, So, You're Welcome

Morgan Ashley Parker

Whether you're looking to boost color, definition, or a bit of both on your brows, there are so many products out there that getting to the add-to-cart stage can be daunting in itself. Are you seeking a pencil or pen to create fine, hair-like lines, or perhaps a powder for a subtle, all-over wash of color? Or what about a gel to add texture (and possibly a tint) or a creamy pomade to add a bold hue alongside a more-defined shape?

Now, we can't make that final choice for you . . . but we can see what other people are loving and lead the way. We combed through dozens of brow products at Sephora and picked the ones with the most reviews and loves from other shoppers, all of which have an average rating of four or more stars, too. And (quite possibly) best of all: we made sure every single one costs under $25. Check them out ahead.