Verizon Is Offering a Huge List of Incentives for Joining Their 5G Home Network

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The phrase “cutting the cord” was made popular just about a decade ago, denoting the transition from cable TV to streaming. It’s a way to keep your entertainment setup clean, gain access to much more content, and provide relief to your monthly bills.

Thanks to ever-improving technological advancements, this cordless experience is also becoming a reality for your Wi-Fi too. Verizon is offering cord cutters a new internet solution for cable reduction at an affordable price with 5G Home.

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Enjoy the Best of 5G with No Strings Attached

The service turns your residence into a cell tower of its own, linking your devices to Verizon’s ultrafast and reliable 5G Ultra Wideband network. You will receive an Alexa-enabled 5G Home Router that acts as a Wi-Fi hub and command center for your humble abode. The cableless setup process is very simple and can be done completely on your own. Typical download speeds are 300 Mbps and can range up to 1 Gbps depending on your location. There are no annual contracts and no data caps.

The 5G Home Internet package is available for just $70 a month with Auto Pay. But if you have a new or existing monthly Verizon mobile plan of $30 or more, you can knock off another $20 and bring this down to a very affordable $50 a month with Auto Pay. The all-inclusive subscription price of 5G Home covers equipment, taxes, and other fees so you never have to worry about any surprises on your internet bill. Since this is a new type of service to hit the market, Verizon will actually let you try 5G Home free for the first three months to test the waters.

The Early Seal Gets the Deals

family using tablet, laptop for playing game watching movies, relaxing at home
family using tablet, laptop for playing game watching movies, relaxing at home

For a limited time, Verizon is offering numerous incentives for early adopters of their 5G Home Internet service. Here are all the deals you can take advantage of when you switch to the network.

Cover Early Termination Fees Up to $500

Duration: Ongoing

Not all ISPs are as flexible as Verizon. If you are bound to a contract with your current internet provider, you may incur an early termination fee (ETF) for breaking it. To help with that transition, Verizon will cover up to $500 of this cost from within the past four months. You can utilize this benefit by submitting documentation of the ETF within 90 days of installation to receive a bill credit in the amount of the fee.

Get a Free 11.6” Samsung Chromebook 4

Duration: Now through July 21st, 2021

Verizon often gives free phones for signing up for a mobile plan, so getting a free computer for joining their newest internet option just makes too much sense. To be eligible for this deal, new subscribers must maintain a qualifying 5G Home service in good standing for at least 45 days. Once that period is over, Verizon will email instructions on how to claim the Chromebook. Just redeem within 60 days of receiving the code or by November 21st, 2021, whichever comes first.

Receive $100 Off Your 5G Home Internet Bill

Duration: Now through June 23rd, 2021

New 5G Home customers can get a $100 bill credit by signing up for the service before June 23rd. This is essentially two months of internet for free if you are also a Verizon mobile plan subscriber. The one-time bill credit will be applied 14 days after your internet activation.

Free Verizon Stream TV device

Duration: Now through July 21st, 2021

Enjoy movies, television, and more with a free Verizon Stream TV device when you join 5G Home before July 21st. Just add it to your cart while checking out. If you choose self-setup for your internet service, the device will be shipped directly to you. Otherwise, it will be installed by a technician if you opt for professional setup.

Get a Year of discovery+ for Free

Duration: Now through October 21st, 2021

Whether it’s a love for animals or a passion for cooking, discovery+ (ad-free) is the streaming service to satisfy these interests. New 5G Home subscribers can get 12 months of the platform for free. Enroll within 60 days of joining the network or by October 21st, 2021, whichever is first. After the one-year promotional period, discovery+ will auto-renew at $6.99/month, but you can cancel anytime.

Free SLING TV for Two Months

Duration: Now through February 19th, 2022

New and existing 5G Home account holders who have never subscribed to SLING TV (Orange, Blue, International) can redeem a credit up to $35/month for two months or $15/month for three months for SLING Latino. You can redeem this deal at within 60 days of internet activation. If you want to add on any other extras to the streaming subscription, you just need to prepay any amount that exceeds the promotional credit.

Join the 5G Revolution

With all these attractive incentives, you might be itching to sign up. To see if you can get access to the network, just use the “Check Availability” tool on their website. Verizon 5G Home Internet is currently available in more than 30 cities across the nation and is still expanding. If the service hasn’t reached your area yet, you can join the mailing list to find out when it will be making its way to your town.

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