Documents Reveal Why a Vegas Man Threatened another Black Mass Shooting [Update]

Screenshot:  8 News Now (Fair Use)
Screenshot: 8 News Now (Fair Use)

Updated as of 3/2/2023 at 8:30 a.m. ET.

A Las Vegas man embarked on a violent, racist rampage, threatening to carry out another Black mass shooting all because he lost his job, per Las Vegas Review-Journal. Detectives found his erratic behavior began the month he was terminated. Then, suddenly, Black people were his problem.

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Hunter Holman, 27, started targeted Black folks back in May of 2022 after he got fired from a call center on Tropicana Ave. Somehow, that triggered a series of uncanny, hateful acts. The report says he started off sending text messages to people claiming to be Jesus or part of the FBI. Then, he began calling the center, harassing them with racial slurs.

In June, he showed back up at his former place of employment, spitting racial slurs at a manager, threatening to sexually assault another and drove donuts in the parking lot. He could’ve been looking for another job instead but his actions months later prove he’s a menace to society.

In September, after checking out to the Extended Stay on Maryland Parkway, detectives say a manager found a goat head in the freezer and an “extensive collection of knives.”

Holman is currently facing two felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon motivated by racial bias, two gross misdemeanor counts of hate crimes and possibly a federal level hate crime charge. A community outreach specialist from the FBI Little Rock branch tells us he bonded out on state charges but was federally detained shortly after.

Later this month he will appear in Justice Court for the hate crime charges and in May, he will appear for trying to run over a Black family.

Holman’s Previous Hate-Driven Offenses

Las Vegas Metro police arrested a white man accused of speeding toward a Black family while yelling racial slurs at them outside a hotel, per 8 News Now. He was arrested following the incident, however, he’s facing several charges for previous instances of making racially motivated threats.

Hunter Holman, 27, has a track record for being hateful toward Black people. Only recently his mess came to light after his charges started racking up for every incident where he threatened a Black life. Since last summer he’s been wreaking havoc.

In June, the report says Holman made threats to kill his former employer, using a racial slur while doing so. In July, authorities say Holman accelerated his car toward a Black family, got out of his vehicle to continue pursuing them and ended up being stabbed in the face by one of them. After his plan backfired, he still ain’t give up.

This month, detectives say Holman called up two hotels threatening to kill someone with a rifle and claiming he was the king of the KKK, the report says. No, that wasn’t the end of it.

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Last week, authorities in Arkansas notified Metro police about Holman allegedly threatening Black people with an AR-15 at a fitness center in Little Rock, documents said.

“Based on Holman’s course of conduct, it is apparent he displayed hate/bias toward people of color, specifically Black subjects, and has demonstrated the ability to carry violence against them demonstrated by his attack in July 2022,” detectives wrote in the documents.

Metro police arrested Holman on Thursday, Feb. 23, records showed. He declined to answer officers’ questions. Holman faces two new charges of hate/bias crime, records showed.

After each incident, Holman was arrested. Though, one can only wonder why he was allowed back into society after posing such a serious threat.

Consider Peyton Gendron, the white supremacist who planned the racially motivated mass shooting in Buffalo, Ny., he had shown plenty of warnings ahead of the incident. He’d previously threatened to shoot up a school, he wrote a manifesto endorsing the mass execution of Black people and had shared messages about his plans weeks before, per reports. His signs of being a threat to society were written off as symptoms of mental illness.

Now, he’s going to spend the rest of his life in prison. Holman could meet the same fate if convicted of a federal hate crime. His next hearing is scheduled for later this month.

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