How to make vegan fried chicken

Here’s how you can make vegan fried chicken at home with oyster mushrooms

Video Transcript


WILL EDMOND: This is an oyster mushroom, and it's better than fried chicken. I'm gonna show you. Let's cook it up. You're gonna need one cup of unbleached, unenriched flour. Add one teaspoon of garlic powder, just like that. Add one teaspoon of onion powder, just like that.

And if you're from Texas and Louisiana like I am, you've got to have you Louisiana spice. Cajun, baby. Add one teaspoon of Cajun seasoning, just like that. Add a little almond milk or oat milk to make your wet batter. Now stir, and you want your wet batter to look just like this.

And now we're gonna make a dry batter, and we're gonna use panko crumbs and unbleached flour. So for our dry ingredients, we have our flour, smoked paprika, black pepper, sea salt, Cajun seasoning, and onion powder. Add some panko. Stir. Dredge your mushroom in the wet batter. Dry batter next.


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