This Vegan Daily Supplement Helps Minimize Wrinkles & Fine Lines From the Inside Out — Here's How

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You’re likely pretty aware of the importance of a solid skincare routine, especially for keeping the signs of stress and aging at bay. But creams and serums alone, while crucial, aren’t going to cut it if you want to maintain a youthful glow into middle age and beyond. Addressing the state of your skin from the inside out can take things to the next level, and we don’t just mean gulping down your daily intake of water. There’s a game-changing new skin-hydrating supplement on the market, and it’s about to become the MVP of your skincare routine.

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Ritual, the clean vitamin subscription brand known for holding its products to sky-high standards, just dropped Ritual HyaCera, a new vegan skin hydration supplement formulated to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles from within. A daily dose includes a pair of the top anti-aging ingredients according to clinical studies — and one of them might sound a little familiar to you. The coolest part about Ritual HyaCera is that it uses nested capsule technology to help the two ingredients divide and conquer.

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Ritual HyaCera

Ritual HyaCera – 30 ct.

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So here’s how it works: First, there’s an inner capsule containing Hyabest, which is essentially hyaluronic acid — that naturally occurring substance responsible for retaining moisture in every part of your body and keeping your skin plump, hydrated and elastic. Over time, your body stops producing as much of this fountain-of-youth substance, leaving your skin thinner and dryer.

Hyabest helps give you back what you’ve lost, but it also improves the delivery of hyaluronic acid to your system because it has a lower molecular weight. Even in moisturizers this is a coveted feature, because it means the ingredient can penetrate your skin more easily. And in Ritual HyaCera supplements, something similar happens: the formulation is easier for the body to break down and absorb.

Then there’s an outer capsule that houses Ceratiq, a sustainably harvested plant oil extract that doubles down on moisturizing your skin from within, promoting a smooth complexion. Ritual HyaCera is also free of GMOs, artificial colors, sugar, heavy metals, microbes and anything else that makes your stomach turn to even think about. If you’re popping a pill to make you glow from within, it makes sense that what’s inside is vegan and organic.

Ritual HyaCera even uses an ingredient that’s present in all the best day creams: ceramides. These are essentially lipids, or fats, that protect the skin barrier so that the hydration your skin is working so hard to retain doesn’t end up escaping through your pores. Fascinating stuff, huh? Within 90 days of daily use, you can expect to start seeing some serious results from HyaCera. Get ready for a flood of compliments from people insisting on knowing what your secret is.

Ritual HyaCera – 30 ct.

Price: $54

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Ritual’s new skin hydration supplement is so potent, in fact, that it promises to promote full-body hydration that goes beyond just giving good face. It helps moisturize all of your skin — the largest organ in your body. It’s not just about beauty — it’s about health from head to toe. HyaCera even has a soothing vanilla essence that makes it easy to swallow, quite literally.

You can take Ritual HyaCera with or without food, so add it to your vitamin and supplement lineup at whatever time of day is easiest to remember. Just make it a habit to take it daily, because, as with any skincare practice, consistency is key. We suggest popping your daily dose of this hydrating supplement each evening while you enjoy a cup of green tea or in the a.m. right after you cleanse and do your morning stretches. Self-care and skincare go hand in hand, and the results can last a lifetime.

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