I’ve Tried Countless New Items This Season, but These 8 Majorly Leveled-Up My Life

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Including a strapless bra I wish I knew about sooner.

New season, new me! Okay, well not really new me, so let me rephrase that: new season, improved me. I feel like growth is something that everyone experiences at different times, but with every change of season, I become particularly reflective. I think about what happened over the last few months. What did I enjoy? What do I want to improve on? What are some things — skills, products — I acquired that really improved my life? While the other questions might take me some more time to answer, the latter one is very simple — and I’m about to spill all the things that majorly leveled-up my life this season. In short, I can’t imagine my life without them anymore.

A strapless bra that’s so good, I had to text my sister to get the same one? Check. An Amazon midi skirt that looks at least three-times its actual price? Yeah, I found it, and yes, I think you’re going to be totally obsessed with it just like I am. Or how about a bed frame that’s so chic — and incredibly easy to put together — you’ll never need another one in your life? I discovered that, too. And last but certainly not least, a hair mask that revived my tresses after too many hours spent in the sun dried them out? Done.

Fashion! Beauty! Home! Summer 2023 was all about upgrades and improvements for me, so that’s the theme of the products you’ll find. And while sure, the end of summer is upon us, if you want to start fall on the best note possible, consider snagging some of the game-changing products that I simply can’t imagine my life without anymore. Buy one, buy all — I guarantee your life will majorly level up.

Spanx Up for Anything Strapless Bra





It’s a shame I discovered this Spanx Up for Anything Strapless Bra this late into the summer season. Why? Because summer is the time I wear the most complicated tank tops that usually call for strapless bras. But alas, I can’t change that now; all I can say is that I’m so happy I finally found *the* one because let me tell you, finding a good strapless bra is truly a journey. Some slip! Others poke! But the second I put this Spanx find on, I knew my search had ended. It’s made with the brand’s innovative Spanx SmartGrip technology that ensures it stays put, even if you’re running to catch the subway and make it in the door one second before it closes (yes, it’s happened to me). It comes with removable straps, too, so you can wear it as a regular bra, plus it has the perfect amount of padding that gives a nice shape without feeling overwhelming. Oh, did I mention it’s on major sale right now? At $22, you bet I’m adding another one to my drawer.

Zeagoo High-Waisted Satin Midi Skirt




I’ve waxed poetic about this satin skirt before, and I’m about to do it again. That’s because when something is as good as this midi, it simply can’t be talked about enough. I first bought it while it was on sale during Prime Day this summer, and since then, I’ve added several colors to my collection, convinced my sister to buy it, too, and wrote an essay professing my love for it.

Now, I’m about to do the same, especially because I think this is the ideal all-season skirt that you can wear now, in the fall, and even in the winter. The quality is unreal for the price — it has the perfect weight, and the satin-y fabric looks so luxe, though it washes incredibly easily, unlike some silk pieces that you have to be really careful with. I’ve worn mine with everything from sneakers to heels, and as the temperature gets cooler, I’ll swap the heels for ankle boots. The possibilities are endless.

M.Gemi the Fabiana Flats




Let me just tell you, if you have yet to hop on board the ballet flats train, then this is the perfect pair with which to do it. I’ve written about M.Gemi's shoes plenty of times, so it’s clear I’m a big fan of the Italian label. I own its heels! I own its boots! And I’m so into its flats, too. That said, I recently tried a new pair of ballerinas from them, and they’ve quickly become my favorites for end-of-summer and early fall moments. The Fabiana hits it on the nail in terms of style and wearability. Given the Mary Jane trend is still alive and well — and there are zero signs of it dying anytime soon — the dainty front strap on these is a total must. The pointed-toe front feels a bit more refined than the typical rounded silhouette, plus the comfort is out-of-this-world. TL;DR? I’ll be wearing these until, well, I can’t anymore.

Thuma the Bed




After living in my apartment for over two years and sleeping on the same Ikea bed frame I got when I first moved to the Big Apple in 2019, I thought it was time for an upgrade. I did a lot of research and was between a few frames on Amazon, but ultimately, I felt like getting a top-quality one was the best choice. It would be the frame I use for the foreseeable future, which meant quality over price, and that’s why I landed on Thuma’s famous the Bed. I’d read so much about it, and the internet was truly wild for it, and now, so am I. I kid you not — it took all but 10 minutes to put together (by myself, mind you!). The instructions are so clear, and the design, based on Japanese joinery, is a game-changer. I didn't need any tools — save for some man power — and the look is *chef’s kiss.* Super simple, super clean, and very minimalist, just how I like it. You can best bet I told my mom, who’s also looking for a new frame, that this one is it.

Vegamour Hydr-8 Deep Moisture Repair Mask




My hair was in serious need of some love. After spending many days in the beating sun, it was fried, frizzy, and just plain meh. I realized that I should probably start incorporating hair masks into my routine more regularly, so I decided to test one I had sitting on my shelf for a few weeks: the Vegamour Hydr-8 Deep Moisture Repair Mask. And let me tell you, it saved my hair — that’s not an understatement. After showering, I applied a small amount of the cream to my wet locks (a little goes a long way, so just be mindful of that), kept it on for 10 minutes, rinsed it off, and then let my hair air dry. The result was shiny, hydrated, frizz-free hair that looked and felt stronger and healthier. Even a week later, my hair still looked good, but I’ll definitely be incorporating this into my routine bi-weekly — with winter coming, my hair is definitely going to dry out again.

Scarlett Chase Portia 75 Stretch Bootie

<p>Scarlett Chase</p>

Scarlett Chase


Here’s something I never thought I would say: I found a pair of heeled booties that feel like sneakers. Scarlett Chase's sock booties are incredibly stunning to look at (and trust me, I’m über picky about my boot silhouettes), but feel like my trusty sneakers. The brand's shoes are currently still under-the-radar, but will blow up soon (mark my words), because when a shoe is that pretty and comfortable, it’s bound for big things.

The sock booties are designed with arch support, plus a heel that actually feels stable. We’ve all wobbled on the street in a pencil-thin heel that could snap at any time, but this one feels sturdy and supportive. And before you say, “Eva, these are pricey,” I know, but trust me when I tell you they might be the last boots you’ll ever need. Oh, fun fact: They're made in Italy in the same factory as Jimmy Choo.

Helix Midnight Elite Mattress





If being an adult means getting excited about a new mattress, then I don’t want to be anything else. It’s like when I was a kid, and I would get so eager about a new toy arriving at my doorstep, only this time, it’s a mattress that — as I’ve learned — impacts my entire day. Here’s why. If you don’t get enough zzz’s in the evening, there’s no way you can really function to your fullest the next day. Ever since I started sleeping on the Internet-famous Helix mattress, I’ve felt more rested, and any and all body aches I used to have from sleeping on my Ikea foam mattress have disappeared. It’s… magic! I will never sleep on another mattress again, and while yes, it’s also a splurge, this is one buy you’ll have for the next decade(s). I certainly will.

Shark FlexStyle Ultimate 6-Piece Accessory Pack




It’s funny, really. I can easily do my makeup (including a killer winged liner), but there’s one beauty skill I simply have never nailed down — until now, that is. Curling my hair has always been a challenge for me, and I guess it was simply because I hadn’t found the right curler for me. I have thin, fine hair, so I’m also incredibly careful about the heat that I use on it — and TBH, I limit any sort of hot tools. But when I recently tried the Shark FlexStyle, which is basically six hair tools in one, it was love at first curl, literally. I instantly fell in love with the curling wand aspect; it’s so easy to use that anyone, even someone who can’t do their hair (like me!), can feel like a hair pro. It automatically wraps and curls, resulting in the perfect waves in just seconds. So easy, and honestly, fun. Ever since I added one to my beauty lineup, I’ve used it whenever I have a few minutes to zhush up my hair.  It’s really a must-have for thin hair — pinky promise.

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