You’ve Been Storing Bacon Wrong for Years—Add This ‘Magic’ $12 Container to Your Fridge ASAP

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It’s a “must-have.”

<p>Food & Wine / Amazon</p>

Food & Wine / Amazon

Whomever invented bacon packaging needs to find a new job. The packaging isn’t just hard to open, it makes it nearly impossible to grab just one slice at a time. Bacon juices leak everywhere (which sounds good in theory, but in practice is not), and the meat spoils quicker in the fridge since wrapping doesn’t seal.

Thankfully, there’s another way. Some genius invented this magical container for storing bacon. And it’s just $12 at Amazon right now.



To buy: Prepworks Deli ProKeeper, $12 (originally $19) at

The Prepworks Deli ProKeeper is an 11.75-quart container that is designed to go in your refrigerator. It measures 11.75- by 7.25- by 2.25-inches, which is basically a little bit longer than a strip of bacon, and its tight-seal silicone lid ensures no air gets in or out of the container, regardless of what you’re keeping inside.

One of the smartest things about this container is that it has a grooved bottom. Bacon is going to naturally release moisture over time, however, these grooves raise the bacon up to prevent it from soaking in its own juices and spoiling quicker. And the entire thing is dishwasher-safe, so when you’re done with a package of bacon, you can pop it in the machine, and then use it for something else, like cold cuts or Swiss cheese.

This container has over 5,600 perfect ratings at Amazon thanks to its thoughtful design. One shopper acknowledges they were skeptical of the container, but writes, “I do not know what the magic is for this particular deli keeper, but when I put the turkey bacon in and seal it up, the next time it is opened, the bacon is moist and fresh and not wet at all.”

Another customer writes that their bacon is “definitely staying fresher for longer,” and calls the container a “must-have” for the kitchen.

Any bacon lover worth their salt should have this container in their kitchen. And now that it’s only $12, what’s the hold up?

At the time of publishing, the price was $12.

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