TikTok user shows a trash can lining hack that adults will 'get excited about'

Justin Chan

Apparently, many of us — and by “many,” I mean me — have been lining our trash cans wrong. Like most people, I normally place my grocery bags into the cans with the handles hanging on the side of the cans. But according to one TikTok user, that’s not exactly an efficient way of using your grocery bag-turned-trash bag.

On May 31, the user, who goes by “Chris” on the social media platform, showed an ingenious trick to make the most out of your bag.

“What you should be doing is putting the bag over [the can] and pushing it in, so there’s no air,” he says in the clip. “And boom. Clean. You’re welcome.”


when I learned not all people do this I was SHOOK ##koreanboy ##trashcan ##tutorial

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The clip has since gone viral, receiving nearly 700,000 views and more than 1,000 comments.

“The things adults get excited about,” one person commented.

“When we’ve been doing it wrong all this time,” another added.

“The fact I got excited about this really shows I am 25,” a third quipped.

So there you have it. Use this “new” way of lining your trash can properly so that the next time your friend drops by, you don’t get judged.

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