'The Vault' exclusive sneak peek: Meet Seaworth's Six

This exclusive clip from "The Vault" introduces Freddie Highmore's Thom.

Video Transcript

- Meet the team. In the control booth, our computer whiz, Klaus.


- Hi.

- Hi.

- On my right, James, my colleague and friend of 10 years. Planning, entry, extraction. Gonna be leading the salvage.

- [? Buenos ?] [? días. ?] Look at this beauty. Not even on the market.

- 3D printer?

- Yeah.

- Some more acquisitions.

- I'm the guy who can get things. If you need something, just tell me.

- Tom. One of the world's brightest minds and, hopefully, the key to our success.

- He hasn't even mastered shaving, and he's going to mastermind the infiltration?

- Mastermind?

- Yeah. To succeed where all others have failed takes a mastermind.