This Vase Makes My Room Look So Luxe (It’s Perfect for Gifting!)

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I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who keeps fresh flowers around the house, but there were two things stopping me. First, repurchasing flowers every week is an expensive habit. And second, I’d never come across a vessel that inspired me enough to make me want to spend money on flowers. That is, until I learned of the brand KINTO. This Japanese homeware brand describes its objects as “beautiful, functional, and long-lasting.” Those familiar with KINTO likely know of it because of its water bottles and other drinkware, which are, indeed, both practical and unspeakably chic. But as someone whose cabinets are already spilling over with drinkware, I was more interested in the brand’s home accents when browsing its website. I came across a glass vase and ordered it without thinking twice, and it just so happens that it’s available on Amazon. Three months later, I’m just as in love with this piece of home decor as the day I unboxed it, and it actually makes me look forward to buying flowers so I have a reason to show it off.

KINTO 20843 Aqua Culture Base
KINTO 20843 Aqua Culture Base

KINTO 20843 Aqua Culture Base

$32 at Amazon

What is the Aqua Culture Vase?

The Aqua Culture vase is comprised of two separate parts — a plate and a vessel — and it’s actually designed to let you see your plant’s roots growing underwater. You can place a flower bulb, for example, at the base of the plate and watch its roots extend down as the blossom blooms above. Alternatively, you could use the vase to grow herbs or even seeds like an avocado plant. Or, you could simply use it for flower bouquets, which is what I do. The vase is made of soda glass, which is thin, lightweight, and relatively fragile. To wash it, I just use dish soap and the softer side of my dish sponge, and residue tends to wash out pretty easily. The vase is available in a variety of sizes, though I found the 120 mm size to be perfect for basic flower bouquets.

White roses and baby's breath in Kinto vase.
Credit: Nikol Slatinska Credit: Nikol Slatinska
White stargazer lilies in Kinto vase.
Credit: Nikol Slatinska Credit: Nikol Slatinska

Why I Love the Aqua Culture Vase

When it comes to home decor, I’m pretty simple. I don’t like overly flashy objects, and I tend to stick with neutral colors. I fell in love with the Aqua Culture vase’s sleek design immediately upon seeing it, and I think it looks way more expensive than its $32 price tag. The separate base adds a unique touch that you don’t get with most other flower vases. If I get fewer stems, I like that the base’s small opening keeps the individual flowers close together, so they don’t splay out awkwardly. If I get a larger bouquet, I just remove the base and insert the flowers directly into the vase. At first, I placed the vase on top of the shoe rack in my front entryway. But I live with two cats who are very curious about flowers and like to tug on the leaves, so I eventually moved the vase to the dresser in my bedroom, and I enjoy looking at my beautiful flowers when I’m working from home or just hanging out in my personal space.

I have considered getting a second Aqua Culture vase for the common area of my apartment when I eventually get more furniture, and I do also have a smaller green vessel from KINTO that I adore, as well. Since owning them, I’ve recommended the brand to friends looking for their own home decor or for a stylish and thoughtful gift for someone else. The next time I get invited to a birthday party or housewarming celebration, I’m making a beeline for the KINTO store near my office. You can’t go wrong with this brand’s home accents no matter the occasion — take it from me.

Buy: Kinto Aqua Culture Vase, $32