How Vanessa Marano’s Sister Laura Inspired Her ‘This Is the Year’ Character

Jason Pham
·1 min read

Vanessa Marano almost wasn’t cast in This Is the Year. “You know what’s funny? They weren’t originally interested in me, for who knows what reason,” she tells StyleCaster. “Whether it be an age thing or a type of character thing. I usually play more sarcastic, dry characters, and Molly, as you know, is not that.”

It wasn’t until Marano auditioned on a “whim” that the creators looked at her with fresh eyes and cast her as the female lead in the film. “They were having a lot of trouble finding the girl, and I was one of the last people that they saw,” she says. This Is the Year, which premieres on August 28, follows a high school senior named Josh...

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