Vanessa Lachey Confesses Who Her Celebrity 'Hall Pass' Would Be

Vanessa Lachey may be in love with her husband, but there's at least one person out there she'd have no problem stepping out on him with.

The actress made the admission during the reunion episode of the second season of Netflix's The Ultimatum—which she and Nick Lachey host—when discussing the topic of celebrity hall passes with her hubby and others from the cast.

If you're unfamiliar with the concept, a hallpass—sometimes alternatively referred to as a freebie list—is a celebrity you have permission from your spouse to hook up with should the chance ever arise.

During the final episode, the singer used context clues from conversations past to correctly guess his wife's pass: the one and only Ryan Reynolds.

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It seems unlikely that fantasy will ever come to life, given the Deadpool star has been married to Blake Lively for more than a decade—recently noting that his love for her is "the only thing irrevocably [his] in the world"—but the two came to the agreement that "if you see this celebrity person in real life and they actually kind of give you a's okay to flirt[/hook-up] with that person," though Nick neglected to share who his own pass would be."

Ultimatum contestant Ryann McCracken also piped in to agree with Vanessa, revealing that they share a taste in hall passes, leading her to speak directly to Reynolds through the camera.

"Ryan, uh, call us," she joked, while Nick just laughed.

"Ryan's gonna be a busy guy," he remarked. "He's gonna be worn out."

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