Vanessa Hudgens Is All Abs And Butt While Completely Slaying Her Latest Workout

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From Women's Health

  • Vanessa Hudgens, 31, just showed off her toned abs and butt in new workout Instagram videos.

  • The actress did battle ropes and a leg lifts at her gym, the Dogpound.

  • Besides hitting up the gym, Vanessa has been doing at-home Torch'd workouts.

Exercising in the age of COVID-19 can be tricky to say the least, but Vanessa Hudgens is still getting her workouts in. The 31-year-old actress just shared a bunch of videos from her latest sweat sesh on her Instagram Stories and—wowzer—she’s not messing around.

In the first video, the Bad Boys For Life star does battle ropes at her gym, the Dogpound. "Safe to say I don’t like the ropes lol," she wrote. In the vid, Vanessa does a bunch of different moves, including doubling up on the ropes and slapping them on the ground, and doing freaking jumping jacks while holding the ropes.

In the next video, she’s working on her butt with a series of leg lifts. "Booty game strong," she wrote over top.

Clearly Vanessa is feeling the results of her workouts, because she’s been posting a bunch of pics on Instagram lately that showcase her toned body.

There’s this one:

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Sunday funday

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This one:

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Yeehaw 🤠

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And this one:

But Vanessa doesn’t ~just~ do battle ropes and booty moves. She told Women's Health back in 2018 that she works out six days a week, and likes to rope in a buddy. "To be self-motivated consistently is almost a daydream," she said. "I reach out to friends to hold me accountable." While staying at home recently, Vanessa has been taking that approach virtual. She's been doing a bunch of Torch’d workouts with instructor Isaac Calpito and friends, which incorporate dance-based movements into exercises.

She also likes to do ballet, Pilates, yoga, hiking, and Training Mate (a circuit-based HIIT developed by an Australian rugby player). And, when possible, she’s really into SoulCycle. "Put me on a bike in a room with loud music, and I'm happy," she said. "It's like dancing without the stress of worrying if you look good."

Get it, Vanessa!

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