Vanessa Bayer’s Jennifer Aniston Impression Is Unreal

Vanessa Bayer’s Jennifer Aniston Impression Is Unreal

I’ve never heard anyone do an impression of Jennifer Aniston before, so I can’t really say that Saturday Night Live cast member Vanessa Bayer’s impersonation of her is the best there is… but I can’t confirm that it’s not the best, either.

It’s… pretty terrific.

Bayer, who stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday to promote her upcoming comedy film Trainwreck (starring Amy Schumer), was thoughtful enough to give us a taste of her current current standup routine — which involves a gag on the long-running sitcom Friends.

Included in the bit is a spot-on impression of Rachel Green-era Jennifer Aniston (which, frankly, is pretty much the same as present-day Jennifer Aniston). If you thought Bayer’s ‘Miley Cyrus’ was “pretty cool,” this one’ll blow you away.

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