See What The Cast Of "The Vampire Diaries" Is Up To Now

Thanks to HBO Max and Peacock, you can stream The Vampire Diaries for the billionth time. There is something utterly addicting about this teen drama set in the town of Mystic Falls — where nearly everybody turns out to be a vampire, witch, or werewolf (except you, Matt Donovan).

Damon Salvatore saying "I know you're obsessed with me"
Damon Salvatore saying "I know you're obsessed with me"

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It's been nearly 14 years since the series premiered on the CW. Here is what some fan-favorite cast members are up to today...

When the series first aired in 2009, Paul Wesley made a name for himself as Stefan Salvatore, the brooding and loyal teen vampire who falls for a human girl. Today, Wesley remains tight-knit with his on-screen brother, Ian Somerhalder, and the two share a bourbon distilling company called Brother's Bond Bourbon.

Ian Somerhalder, alongside Wesley, was named one of the Hollywood Reporter's 40 biggest celebrity entrepreneurs of 2022. When he's not making bourbon, Somerhalder, who played smoldering bad boy Damon Salvatore, spends his time doing charity work for environmental conservation. He and his wife (Twilight alum/fellow vampire) Nikki Reed live on a farm with their family.

Nina Dobrev, known for portraying Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce throughout the series, has also entered the world of entrepreneurship. Teaming up with friend and fellow actor, Julianne Hough, the pair created Fresh Vine Wine, a collection of low-sugar, gluten-free wines.

Kat Graham has swapped out spells and magic for romance in Italy in her latest movie, Love In The Villa, which streams on Netflix. To TVD diehards, she will forever be Mystic Falls' resident witch, Bonnie Bennett, and it appears that Graham also remains a fan of the series.

Candice King, who played Caroline Forbes, is enjoying life with two adorable daughters. She appeared in both TV shows set in the TVD universe (The Originals and Legacies) and now hosts A Superbloom podcast, which features inspiring discussions with actors, artists, and creators on overcoming life's most challenging roadblocks.

Instead of werewolves, it's aliens for Michael Trevino. The actor who played Tyler Lockwood was a reoccurring role on the CW's Roswell, New Mexico which culminated after four seasons in 2022. The series was also Trevino's directorial debut on network television, as he directed the ninth episode of the show's final season, "Wild Wild West".

When Legacies ended last year, Joseph Morgan stepped into Klaus Mikaelson's shoes once more for a cameo in the series finale. Morgan and his family run a shop that features merchandise "with a touch of vampire style." It's clear that the actor values his time on TVD and The Originals always and forever.

Rebekah Mikaelson would be envious of Claire Holt's sweet family. The actor is living her best life as a mom to two cute kids, James and Elle. In 2022, the actor ran the New York City Marathon to support the Boston Children's Hospital and reprised her role as Rebekah in Legacies.

Elijah Mikaelson lives in all of our hearts as the most precious handkerchief-flourishing vampire thanks to Daniel Gillies. In 2021, he starred in the New Zealand thriller flick, Coming Home In The Dark, and Virgin River fans will recognize Gillies as Mark Monroe, Mel's late husband.

Phoebe Tonkin, who played Hayley Marshall, the quippy werewolf baby mama in TVD and The Originals, most recently appeared in the Oscar-nominated film, Babylon. She also stars alongside Sam Worthington in the 2023 film, Transfusion.

Half of the vampire ladies in Mystic Falls dated human Matt Donovan, played by Zach Roerig. Since his days of using vervain to keep that vamp compulsion away, Roerig has appeared in a number of TV series and movies.

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