The Best Vacuum Cleaners that Don’t Suck

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Furnishing floor with a vacuum cleaner
Furnishing floor with a vacuum cleaner

The future might bring robots that do the vacuuming for us. But until then, we’ll have to make do with good old vacuum cleaners. These bad boys help with keeping your house free of dust, allergens, and pet hair. Today, we'll be taking you through the top vacuum cleaners in 2022 that are great at sucking out all the dirt and dust from your home. Clever wordplay, no?

So, what exactly is a vacuum cleaner? Well, these are electronic home appliances boasting an air pump. When you switch them on, the pump sucks up any dirt or dust from surfaces you point the nozzle at. It may be easy to operate a vacuum cleaner, but trust us, buying one isn't as easy.

With thousands of options available on the market and hundreds of brands claiming that their product is the greatest, it can get a bit overwhelming when we enter the market looking for a new vacuum cleaner. Hopefully, this article will help you make better sense of things when navigating the available options and help you with finding the right device for you.

Top Picks

Best overall: Shark NV360 Navigator Vacuum Cleaner

Deep-clean carpets and tackle bare floors with multi-surface powerful suction.
Deep-clean carpets and tackle bare floors with multi-surface powerful suction.

Standing tall at the top of our list is the Shark NV360 Navigator. Trust us when we say that this beast is nothing short of a technological marvel. Suitable for both hard and carpeted floors, this pick boasts amazing suction power that can be toggled seamlessly when shifting between floor types. And, it also comes with an attachment for cleaning upholstery. Not sold on this product’s versatility yet? Well, say hello to its lift-away feature, allowing you to detach the nozzle from its pod for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. Speaking of hard-to-reach areas, this home appliance is also extremely easy to maneuver and control. Thanks to its superior versatility, the Shark NV360 can easily be considered one of the elite, if not the top, vacuum cleaners available online.

Key Features:

  • A 0.9-quart large dust cup

  • Weighs 13 pounds

  • Cord measures 25-feet in length, offering a great range

Great for hardwood floors: Eureka NEU182B PowerSpeed Vacuum Cleaner

It works well on carpet shag rug hard floors, etc.
It works well on carpet shag rug hard floors, etc.

Just like our top pick, the Eureka NEU182B PowerSpeed also boasts an upright form factor with a 12.6-inch wide nozzle at the bottom. This nozzle sucks in all the dust and debris from your floors with amazing power. You can even go beyond floors, vacuuming curtains and ceilings, thanks to its nozzle and quick-release function. While this vacuum cleaner is suitable for all floor types, it is particularly great for hardwood floors. And thankfully, this product’s smooth wheels won't scratch precious hardwood flooring. There are also five height options available, letting you play around and experiment while also adding versatility.

Key Features:

  • Dust cup holds up to 4.3 quarts

  • Has a weight of 10 pounds

  • It has a 25-foot long cord

Most versatile: ORECK XL COMMERCIAL Vacuum Cleaner

Microsweep lets you switch from carpet to bare floors without adjustment
Microsweep lets you switch from carpet to bare floors without adjustment

The versatility of the ORECK XL COMMERCIAL lies in how well it works on all kinds of flooring. You don't have to toggle its height either, the design of this option is a masterclass in versatility. There are, though, some power adjustments available. The motor on this beast can run at 5000 rpm and can go all the way to 6500 rpm if you find yourself in the mood for some deep cleaning. Adjustments are made at the handle, which is super ergonomic and very accessible. And, customers particularly love how easy to assemble this product is. Plus, it also boasts bumpers at the bottom, protecting your floors and furniture from scratches.

Key Features:

  • A massive 10.9-quart dust bag at the top

  • Weighs 9 pounds

  • An extra-long 35-foot cord

Elite design: Miele C1 Vacuum Cleaner

Bagged canister vacuum cleaner ideal for homes with hard floors and low pile carpeting.
Bagged canister vacuum cleaner ideal for homes with hard floors and low pile carpeting.

Miele does things a little differently with their product, such as incorporating a C1 canister. This appliance’s compact dimensions make it extremely easy for storing when not in use. And, when the product is being used, it's nothing short of a monster. Its power-efficient 1200W motor offers incredible suction power and can be toggled with the rotary dial. Plus, there’s a total of 6-speed settings to choose from. On the other end of the appliance is a nozzle and floorhead, boasting super soft bristles and smooth wheels that won’t scratch or harm your floors. Best of all, when you buy the Miele C1, you also get a host of accessories helpful with efficiently cleaning and dusting crevices as well as upholstery.

Key Features:

  • The filter bag has a capacity of 3.7 quarts

  • A weight of 14.8 pounds

  • A cord measuring 21 feet in length

  • Dimensions of 16.9 inches x 9.1inches x 9.8 inches

Multipurpose design: BISSELL Featherweight 2033M Vacuum Cleaner

Powerful, convenient, and easy to use
Powerful, convenient, and easy to use

This option from BISSELL may have a small stick form but it’s still extremely powerful when it comes to functionality. However, power isn't the magic of this product, the captivating thing about the Featherweight 2033M is its amazing versatility. You see, this appliance can easily be converted into a stair or hand vacuum. Speaking of hand vacuums, you also get a crevice tool in the package, which is extremely helpful with getting dirt out of hard-to-reach corners. Customers particularly love how easy to assemble this option is and how well it works on hardwood floors. And, let's also not forget the four chic color options to pick from!

Key Features:

  • A dust cup with a capacity of 0.7 quarts

  • Extremely lightweight at just 3 pounds

  • 15-foot cord length

A buying guide to the ultimate vacuum cleaners

This comprehensive buying guide will take you through the different types of vacuum cleaners, equipping you with some killer tips to help you buy one.

Different kinds of vacuum cleaners

Generally speaking, there are three kinds of vacuum cleaners:

  • Upright vacuum cleaners

  • Canister vacuum cleaners

  • Stick vacuum cleaners

The difference between them is their particular form factor and how they’re used. Let's go through these differences in a bit more detail, shall we?

Upright vacuum cleaners

As the name suggests, upright vacuum cleaners stand…well, upright. And, both the motor and handle are attached to the body. The power-head that sucks out dirt is usually at the bottom. Speaking of sucking up dirt, upright models boast beater brushes backed by some amazing power.

These brushes loosen and break down any dirt present on surfaces and then the air pump sucks it out, making upright versions great for deep cleaning thick carpets. However, they are fairly heavy due to the big motor, making them not so great in terms of portability.

Canister vacuum cleaners

Lighter and more portable than upright models, canister versions are made of two parts. There is the handle, holding the power head and the canister, housing the dust bag and motor. The retractable handle allows for easy maneuvering, making these appliances great for vacuuming furniture, stairs, and different types of floors.

Stick vacuum cleaners

Finally, stick models are the most portable of the bunch. This is because of their slim profile and lightweight construction, making them extremely easy to move around and store. However, stick versions aren't as powerful as upright or canister models. So, you can only use them on low pile rugs and hard floors. Their slim profile also means that they sport relatively small dust cups, which could impact efficiency on larger cleaning jobs.

Things to consider when buying vacuum cleaners

You must consider two main factors when in the market for a new vacuum cleaner:

Dirt handling

When it comes to handling dirt, your vacuum cleaner may use a bag or a dust cup (also known as bagless variants). The latter is simply a compartment in the device where all the sucked-up dirt goes. Cleaning dust cups is a bit of a hassle and their capacity isn't especially great either.

However, you don't have to keep a ready supply of dirtbags on hand when you opt for bagless models. Dirtbags, however, are easier to clean (you simply throw them away) and their capacity is also greater compared to most dust caps.

Portability and storage

You must decide exactly how portable you'd like your appliance to be. Products that don’t weigh a lot will be easier to carry around. However, you might not need something this portable if your house is small or doesn't have multiple floors.

Another factor that impacts portability is its cord length. You might not need to move a product around a lot if the cord length is generous. A longer cord will also make devices easier to maneuver. However, long cords bring problems of their own, mostly in the form of storage. The ease with which you can store a product will, of course, also be impacted by its dimensions. Duh.

Tips for buying high-quality vacuum cleaners

Here are two more tips for helping you differentiate between premium vacuum cleaners and well, not so great ones:

Cleaning path and suction power

You'll need products with more coverage if the rooms in your house are large. And, a higher suction power will be required if most of the rooms in your house are carpeted.


Products that end up scratching or damaging floors and furniture should be a big NO. So, we recommend keeping an eye out for devices boasting soft bristles, smooth wheels, and bumpers at the bottom. You can get a better idea of how safe an appliance is by going through some customer reviews.

Other factors to consider when buying vacuum cleaners

Let's roll the curtains on this section by taking you through two additional things you should look out for when buying vacuum cleaners:


Your new device should be versatile. When opting for upright models, consider features like quick release handles, allowing you to detach the handle and powerhead from the body – helping reach curtains and other places where an upright model can't go. Other amazing features to keep an eye out for include height adjustments, catering to different floor types, and stick models, which are convertible into hand or stair vacuums.

Additional attachments

Most options come with a variety of different attachments that add to overall functionality and use. These include upholstery, dusting, crevice, and pet-hair attachments. Additional attachments are worth keeping an eye out for because of the extra functionality they provide.

People also asked

Now, let's take you through some frequently asked questions regarding vacuum cleaners and clarify any remaining doubts you may have:

Q: What are the three types of vacuum cleaners?

A: The three types of vacuum cleaners are upright, canister, and stick. Each type boasts a unique form factor suitable for different types of surfaces.

Q: Which is the best vacuum cleaner for home?

A: The Shark NV360 Navigator is the premier vacuum cleaner in the online marketplace. Extremely versatile, this upright model is great at sucking out dirt from most types of surfaces.

Q: What is a vacuum cleaner used for?

A: A vacuum cleaner is used for keeping a house free of dust, debris, allergens, and pet hair. They also keep your upholstery, rugs, and floors clean and dirt free.