Vacationing woman rants on TikTok after resort staff asks her to 'cover up': 'I was just at the beach'

A woman on vacation in Queensland, Australia, was stunned after a beachside hotel staff member allegedly told her to “cover up” while she was at the bar.

Naomi Tibbles, a 28-year-old OnlyFans model, was taking a “mental health day” and returning from an almost 2-mile hike on North Stradbroke Island when she decided to stop by a hotel bar for a drink. According to her TikTok, which she seemingly filmed right after the confrontation, she waited 20 minutes at the bar before security guards came up to her and asked if she had clothes to “cover herself” since she was in a “family establishment.”

“I knew that they were talking about me because they were watching me and radioing,” she explained. “What did they think that I am?”

Tibbles said a security guard told her the bar had a dress code that didn’t allow “thongs” or flip-flops as appropriate footwear. Tibbles pointed out that she was fully strapped into her sandals.

“Then he tells me, ‘We’re a family establishment,'” Tibbles continued. “Yeah, cool, and I’m sitting in the bar where there’s no children allowed.”

Then the guard allegedly asked Tibbles if she had something to “cover herself.” Tibbles, who showed herself in a bikini top, crocheted pants and a cowboy hat, said she responded with “No, I don’t, actually, because I’m on a f***ing island and I was just at the beach.”

“This is wild,” one commenter wrote, “being steps from the beach. Who wears anything but swimwear at Straddie full stop!?”

A few days later, Tibbles filmed an update where she returned to the bar at night and joked around with the security guard.

“I’m wearing appropriate clothing now?” she asked the security guard, who is off-camera.

“Uh, a bit more, yeah,” the guard can be heard saying.

Videos like Tibbles’s are common among women on TikTok. The platform’s popularity has opened up conversations around dress codes and women’s clothing before — and not just at bars or school dress codes, but seemingly countless incidents with women visiting amusement parks.

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