Utah's Great Salt Lake Is A Snowmaking Machine

Youtube/Ski Utah

Champagne powder is, apparently, not as hazy a concept as you might think given the name.

Turns out, Utah has a lake to thank for their pristine powder. KSL Meteorologist Kevin Eubank explains that the beloved meteorological phenomenon, otherwise known as a Wasatch Lake Effect Storm, is extremely beneficial in creating ideal ski conditions. "From a meteorologist's point of view, we love these kinds of storms."

The cold air goes over the lake, the warm lake "primes the pump," Lake Effect is generated, it funnels into the canyon, rises 7,000 feet, and bam: champagne powder.

Kevin exclaims, "it's just a snow machine."

The fact that Alta has seen it "dump 100 inches in 100 hours" can be credited to topography, the land versus water features, and the flow coming in from the North West.

The Lake Effect is a rare event, but when it does hit, it's all time.

"When you're a powder skier, one of the most important things is snow density," Utah OpenSnow Forecaster Evan Thayer goes on to posit in the video above.

"The less liquid, the fluffier the snow." Lake Effect storms are good for skiing because it results in low-density, fluffy powder.

"The greatest snow on earth is not just a motto, it's a way of life," Evan says.

As a skier waiting for my "Sierra Cement", I can only drool over perfect, fluffy pow. But fluffy or not: wherever you are, the more snow, the better.

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