Utah Skier Has Funny Interaction With Ski Patroller On Cliff Drop

While teeing up a cliff at Snowbird, Utah, skier Ben Oveson encountered a ski patroller who, perhaps surprisingly, decided to hang around and watch Oveson's send.

"Mind if I watch?" the patroller yelled to Oveson.

"That's perfect," Oveson replied. "I was waiting for somebody."

Because it was late in the day and he was alone, Oveson considered not hitting the cliff.

Yet, the arrival of the patroller changed his tune.

"I was thinking about not hitting this, but then a ski patroller showed up! Took all my doubts away and I sent it with professional supervision. Super glad he showed up and was willing to stay and spot me," Oveson wrote in the caption below his video.

It's true. You can't think of a better person to watch you get after it—this way, you'll receive immediate assistance if something goes wrong.

While Oveson didn't put to his feet, he committed—thanks in part to his new ski patrol friend—which is the important thing.

Ski patrollers are often the front-line enforcers of ski resort rules, meaning they're tasked with the thankless job of telling kids not to do backflips and breaking down jumps that could result in an injury.

These tasks can make patrollers seem like the fun police—particularly to unruly groms—even though they're just trying to keep everyone safe.

Thus, there's something slightly silly about a patroller spotting someone about to hit a cliff and saying, "Cool! Can I watch?" instead of the obligatory, "Hey! Get down from there!"

Remember, though, this is Snowbird we're talking about. The resort is a big mountain mecca where everyone and their grandma rips harder than most. For all we know, the ski patroller in Oveson's video ditches the red coat during his lunch breaks and launches backflips.

So why wouldn't he encourage a fellow shredder?

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