Utah Firefighter Risks His Life to Save Dog From Frozen Pond

A lot of dogs love going for a swim, no matter how frigid the weather is. But one pup in West Point, Utah wasn't expecting to become trapped in the icy pond when he encountered an ice shelf.

Watch as this brave fireman risked everything to save him.

The Facebook description reads, "Bob the dog loves the water but the ice shelf prevented him from being able to get out after his polar plunge. Please be safe with your pets and children as ice conditions are still not as safe as we’d like them to be. Firefighter Logan did a fantastic job today helping Bob. The rest of “B” shift who you can’t see on camera are on the bank making sure Logan and Bob remain safe."

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Not only could this fireman drowned while performing this rescue (You can see how Bob struggles against him almost pushing firefighter Logan under!) but with the temperatures below freezing this fireman was exposed to temperatures that could have easily caused frostbite!

What an absolutely wonderful rescue!

How To Keep Your Dog Safe Outside This Winter

Bob was unleashed when he took his dip which is something owners should never do when it's this cold out, leave their dog outside unattended and off leash.

When water is frozen it can be nearly impossible to tell how frozen it is, or how deep it is. A good rule of thumb is if a snowmobile can drive over frozen water, it's safe to walk on.

You should limit your dig's outside time in inclement weather because dogs can get frostbite and hypothermia too. If it's extra cold, and especially if your dog is young, old or has a short coat, consider dressing them in a  sweater or coat. That can help to keep your dog from getting too cold too fast.

Dogs love to play in the snow and it's great exercise for them, but make sure they have access to water and aren't getting too cold. It's always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to our fur babies.

According to Fox News, the area where Bob lives is forecast to see between 3 and 7 inches of additional snow. Let's hope Bob is safe and warm inside curled up with his owners!

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