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TikToker claims we've all been using Post-its incorrectly: 'Are we just doing everything wrong?'

Apparently, we’ve all been using sticky notes completely wrong, according to one TikToker at least.

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There’s nothing more disappointing than whipping out a Post-it note for an important reminder, only for it to unstick from the surface and get lost. Apparently, however, this isn’t a matter of product malfunction so much as it is one of user error.

TikToker Ali Abdaal recently learned the correct way to use a Post-it note and shared how in a quick video.

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“I was today years old when I realized I’ve been using Post-its all wrong,” Abdaal wrote in the caption.

“You’re probably using Post-it notes wrong,” he explained in the video. Here’s how you use them properly. Normally we rip off Post-it notes like this. But the problem is that it naturally wants to unstick itself.”

Instead, he suggested, placing the Post-it note pad sideways and pulling the note off that way.

“Then it sticks properly,” he said.

Because the note isn’t bent upward, it’s less likely to peel off and unstick.

The useful tip racked up over 300,000 views on TikTok.

“Are we just doing everything wrong?” someone joked.

“Might not be the biggest thing but I just learned something new,” another wrote.

“I’ve been doing this forever. I didn’t know others were doing it wrong,” a person commented.

“True. I found out this myself accidentally,” a user replied.

“Who knew Post-it notes needed directions on the package?” a TikToker responded.

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