Usher's Wealth Is on a Whole Different Level Than Other Celebs

Usher's Wealth Is on Whole Different Level Kevin Winter - Getty Images

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Based on how much "Love in This Club" played on the radio in 2008 alone, it stands to reason that Usher is a multi-millionaire. Which, correct! He doesn't serve as the King of R&B for free, you know? But Usher's net worth is also built on casual things like co-owning Tidal, co-owning the Cavs, and some seriously lucrative residency earnings, so time add! it! all! up! But not before we....

First Up, Usher's Music Catalog Is Worth Millions

According to the RIAA, Usher has 23.5 million certified units in album sales (making him one of the top-selling artists...ever) and 9.5 million certified units in digital singles. Basically people are obsessed with "Yeah!" (not to mention all his other songs), and now he's really rich. Which, actually, lemme just:

Reminder: He Was a Judge on The Voice

Usher first joined The Voice as a coach in season 4 and then made a triumphant return in season 6. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he was offered $7 million to sign on for the show's fourth season, so gonna assume his season 6 salary was around that—or even higher. Who can say! Only Usher!

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He's Made a Fortune From Touring

Usher's Truth Tour was one of the highest-earning in North America and grossed $29.1 million. Meanwhile, the OMG Tour grossed just under $75 million, according to Billboard. Oh, and after the OMG Tour, Forbes reported that Usher had earned $46 million in one year. 😅

His Las Vegas Residency Pulls in Millions

Usher started his stint in Vegas with a residency at Caesars Palace in 2021, which—in just 14 shows—reportedly grossed $12.9 million. He's since started another residency at Park MGM, so suffice it to say he's earning—how do I put this mathematically—a shit ton.

He's a Co-Founder of RBMG Records

The other founder? Scooter Braun. Who, along with Usher, discovered Justin Bieber when he was just a teen and turned him into a pop star. In fact, RBMG's only client is Justin, and they've put out his major albums like Justice, Purpose, Changes, and Believe.

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He's an Original Tidal Co-Owner

Usher was announced as a co-owner along with a buncha other A-list artists like Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Madonna, and Rihanna when Tidal launched, and when the streaming service was acquired by Jack Dorsey's Square for $297 million in 2021, Variety reported that the original artist investors—including Usher—got $8.91 million each. Whew!

He Co-Owns the Cleveland Cavaliers

Usher acquired a stake in the Cavs in 2005, investing $9 million in the team, which Forbes said would have given him about a 1 percent stake. The Cavs' value has only shot up, so Usher's definitely getting a return on his investment! And honestly this is just one example of his investment prowess. He also—along with a ton of other celebs—invested in Liquid I.V.

His Endorsements Are Extensive

This man has worked with Belvedere Vodka, Samsung, Microsoft, Pepsi, and Remy Martin. The amount of money he earns per endorsement isn't known, but like...he's had his face on a literal MasterCard.

usher unveils the usher raymond iv debit master card
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But Is Usher Being Paid for the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Short answer: No—thanks to the NFL's complicated policy on not paying artists (it's a whole thing, more this way). But! He'll make a ton of money in streaming. Example: Variety reported that after last year's halftime show, Rihanna's Spotify streams increased more than 640 percent across the United States, and “Bitch Better Have My Money” increased by more than 2,600 percent.

Also if the Super Bowl doesn't have a moment where Usher pauses to spritz himself with Usher Ur, I, for one, will be despondent.

So What Is Usher's Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Usher has $180 million in the bank, including several millions in real estate. Happy for him, sad for myself.

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