Users waging ‘war’ on downstairs neighbors with jumping trend

TikTokers are battling their downstairs neighbors with a trendy dance move as their only weapon.

In 2020, Jasmine Jennings (@smoothjasmine) went viral for a jumping dance move she labeled the “lil thump.” The jump, which minimizes body movement above the knee, was her signature move from her cheerleading and dancing days.

In the two years since she went viral, users all over the app have adopted the “lil thump.”

Jennings recently posted a video of herself in her home after her downstairs neighbor allegedly made her upset.

“They have no idea what kind of war they just started,” wrote Jennings in her caption.

As payback, she decided to repeatedly do the jumping dance move to create noise and commotion for the people below her.

The sound Jennings used in her video trended for another dance challenge two years ago. The audio was posted by @faarapumeagggz and currently has over 140,000 videos attached to it.

After seeing Jennings do her dance, several other upstairs neighbors decided to put her move in their bag of tricks.

“This is the things my upstairs neighbor does when I’m trying to sleep,” replied @ang3ls.c0m.

“Yk your #1 up stairs neighbor had to do this trend,” wrote @itsyaboyaustin4.

On top of trying to be noisy upstairs neighbors, TikTokers have simply enjoyed trying to master this dance. Here, TikToker @ayesebastien posted a video of him and his girlfriend trying out the dance together.

“Fernanda dying in the back while Seb’s living his best life,” replied @ppanuda.

Nobody knows exactly what Jennings’ downstairs neighbors did to upset her, but thanks to them, TikTok has a new and quirky dance move.

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