Users continue Patrick Bateman adoration with ‘niche song’ trend

Over the last few months, TikTok has become enamored with Patrick Bateman, Christian Bale’s character from the 2000 film American Psycho. In the movie, Bateman’s personality is split between a successful investment banker and a serial killer.

His aloof personality and signature “sigma” face dominated TikTok. Users continue to flock to Bateman and his personality — but in a different way.

TikTokers are showing off their favorite niche songs with a CapCut template of Bateman walking down the hall with headphones on and a stoic face. This takes up the upper half of the screen with some form of the caption, “Me walking down the hall.” Beneath it is a music video of the song the users listen to while walking — which is usually either upbeat to contrast Bateman’s face or something out of the ordinary.

Here, TikToker @natvictorine_ shows off her love for 1980s yacht rock by playing Robbie Dupree’s “Steal Away.”

She wasn’t alone in her taste in music.

“Bro how does this thing know all the niche songs I listen to,” said @finessir under the video.

This template was made for users to show the most random and obscure songs they listen to on a daily basis. This next example features a song that doesn’t come from an actual music artist but a cartoon. User @wormwoodhateaccount chooses to highlight “All You Desire” from Sofia the First, a Disney Channel show.

“Sofia the first had iconic songs ngl,” replied @change_my_name2.0.

Music fans have come together because of this trend. Even though Patrick Bateman is walking through the hall with no expression on his face, the comments under these videos show the excitement and happiness going through the listener’s head.

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