I used the 'Pink & Blink' window cleaning hack to remove winter grime – it's fast and effective

 A squeegee being used to remove soapy water from window
A squeegee being used to remove soapy water from window

As we leave gray winter skies behind and say hello to spring sunshine, many of us will have started to notice just how dirty the outside of our home's windows are.

With the first spell of decent sunshine over the weekend, I tried a new hack for cleaning windows, and it was super fast and worked. I used The Pink Stuff to do it, which is why I call it 'Pink & Blink'. Spread the word.

The good news? It has only four steps and took less than an hour to get all my windows sparkling.

'Pink & Blink' window cleaning hack

This window cleaning hack is perfect for freshening up windows and keeping them clear for longer, meaning I don't have to spend time and energy recleaning the panes halfway through a hot summer.

Here is how to get the same results at home.

1. Clean the windows with The Pink Stuff

Someone wearing a cleaning glove wiping a window with a pink cloth
Someone wearing a cleaning glove wiping a window with a pink cloth

There is a multitude of window cleaning hacks on the internet, from using baking soda to clean windows, to using plain water and dish soap.

My favorite, however, is cleaning with The Pink Stuff. This miracle cleaning paste worked wonders for cleaning my glass shower doors and removing hard water stains, so I had to give it a go on my windows.

To apply the paste, I used a soft sponge, like these from Walmart, working in small circular motions from top to bottom. The paste is a light abrasive, helping to scrub away layers of dust and dirt without scratching the glass.

What’s more, the paste contains sodium silicate, an ingredient ideal for breaking down grease and preventing hard water stains from forming on surfaces by breaking down calcium and magnesium deposits. For this reason, I also love it for cleaning stainless steel sinks.

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2. Rinse the glass with cold water

Once the window pane was covered, I rinsed the solution away with plain cold water. I used a watering can but you could use a low-pressure hosepipe if you have a connector in your yard.

For any areas where the paste stuck, I used a clean, damp, soft microfiber cloth to wipe it away. I like these microfiber cloths from Walmart. They're pretty much guaranteed to give you a streak-free shine.

3. Remove excess water

Someone using a karcher to clean a window
Someone using a karcher to clean a window

While the traditional method of cleaning windows uses a standard squeegee to help remove water from the glass, I opt for a window vac to collect excess water and prevent streaking. My mom swears by using a window vac to beat condensation on the inside of windows and after borrowing hers for a week I had to buy my own.

A Karcher window vac, available at Amazon, is more efficient than a traditional squeegee, making cleaning windows quicker by sucking up water from window cleaning before it can dry in the sun and leave streaks. It also helps to reduce mess.

If, however, you want a less expensive approach, I love this Professional Window Cleaning Squeegee and Microfiber Scrubber, from Walmart.

I then buffed small water lines from the corners of the windows with a clean, dry, soft microfiber to the perfect result.

4. Use an old dish sponge to clean window seals

Window cleaning doesn't stop with the glass. Window tracks gather dirt and grime (and sometimes even mold!) throughout the year. This black grime can be difficult to access with a regular cleaning cloth and your fingers, so I use an old cut-up dish sponge to help reach into every nook and cranny, having discovered the tip on TikTok (see above).

These dish sponges from Walmart work well for this trick.

I start by cutting two horizontal slits along the top of the cleaning sponge with a craft knife. These sections then fit nicely into the tracks to wipe out dust and dirt with the help of some multi-purpose spray.


Does dish soap clean windows?

Dish soap mixed with warm water is ideal for cleaning windows, and can even be combined with distilled white vinegar for further dirt-busting power. When using dish soap, make sure to rinse the window down afterward and use a squeegee to help prevent greasy residue or streaking.

What is the quickest and best way to clean windows?

The quickest way to clean windows is to use an equal mix of water and vinegar to help break down tough grease and dust on exterior glass. Spray the windows thoroughly with the solution and allow them to sit for five minutes. Then, use a microfiber cloth in a ‘Z’ motion back and forth to remove the solution and dirt before rinsing and removing excess water with a squeegee.

Cleaning exterior windows may sound like a laborious spring cleaning task, but it is made easier when you use clever problem-solving products like The Pink Stuff and a window vac to lessen scrubbing and prevent streaks with ease.