I Used Only Bright Nail Polish Colors For 8 Weeks, and It Was a Serious Mood Booster

Prior to this very long and unexpected time at home, I rarely painted my nails on my own. I actually recently pared down my personal collection of nail polish that I started back in middle school to just include a few neutral colors for emergency situations. It's not that I don't like having my nails done, it's just I had relied on weekly or bi-weekly salon manicures to keep my nails covered in a fresh coat of nail polish.

Even at the salon, with a whole wall of nail polish shades to choose from, I always stuck with two colors: a light, nude pink in the spring and summer and deep red in the fall and winter. It didn't really experiment with my nails or try out new trends like super buzzy neon manicure; I liked to keep it simple.

But then COVID-19 happened and my nail routine completely shifted. Not only was I breaking out my at-home nail kit on a weekly basis (if not more), I also found myself gravitating toward the brighter nail polish colors. You see, there is psychological proof that certain colors can boost your mood, promote relaxation, and help you feel more uplifted and happy. That's exactly what my weekly DIY manicure became: a mood-boosting self-care activity.

Keep scrolling to see two months worth of bright and sunny at-home manicures.

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