'This Is Us' Fans Had Absolutely No Chill on Twitter After Last Night's Episode Ending

Kayla Keegan
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Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) fans have renewed hope after seeing the end of the latest This Is Us season 5 episode.

Among several other storylines highlighted on Tuesday night, Kevin and Madison (Caitlin Thompson) land on the cover of US Weekly magazine with a cover line that reads "The Manny puts a ring on it!" Right before the credits start rolling, Kevin's past exes and flings — Sophie, Zoe (Melanie Liburd) and Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison) — pick up a copy of the magazine and thumb through it. While Zoe and Cassidy seem content with Kevin moving on, the last frame of the episode features Sophie looking both happy and yet ... a little sad.

Photo credit: NBC
Photo credit: NBC

Immediately, this made This Is Us fans start buzzing on Twitter about the possibility of the two characters reuniting again. Some seem to love the idea of Sophie and Kevin ending up together, while others think Kevin needs to move on with Madison.

So, will Kevin and Sophie get back together? Of course, we really have no idea what show creator Dan Fogelman and his brilliant team of TV writers ultimately have in store. But on Reddit, some fans are theorizing that a previous season 5 moment already hints that it might not end with Sophie and Kevin together. According to Reddit user Gator87112's theory (who others agreed with), "The scene between Jack and Kevin this season would be pointless if Madison and Kevin don’t end up together."

To recap, the moment the Redditor is referring to happened in episode nine. We see Kevin having an imagined conversation with Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) in the twins' nursery. Apart from reassuring Kevin he'll be a good father, Jack says that they both have wasted a lot of time "being quietly terrified."

"Close your eyes, decide what you want, and then you go and get it, son," Jack told Kevin. Following that conversation, Kevin doesn't go and try to reconnect with Sophie. He instead focuses on his new family with Madison and planning a wedding, possibly hinting that this is, indeed, what he really wants now.

So that's one theory. But then again, we must not forget about season 4 episode 12, where Kevin attends Sophie's mom's funeral and says he wishes he could have one more chance with Sophie. That seems to tell us that if Kevin is to get a happy ending, it's likely that Sophie is part of that equation somehow.

Who knows, maybe the writers will meet both Kevin-Madison and Kevin-Sophie teams in the middle. Perhaps Kevin and Madison are still together, but Sophie and Kevin become close friends (or the other way around). Either way, one thing we know for sure — after last night's ending, Sophie's chapter in Kevin's life is far from over.

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