Urgent Update: Beyoncé Just Dropped TWO New Songs

Urgent Update: Beyoncé Just Dropped TWO New Songs

HELLO, HI, BEYONCÉ JUST ANNOUNCED A NEW ERA AND RELEASED NEW MUSIC, news that definitely deserves all-caps.

Bey dropped this news during the 2024 Super Bowl with a teaser of a Verizon commercial—which she ended by saying, “Okay, they ready. Drop the new music”—and then on Instagram with a country music–coded teaser.

And after THAT, she went ahead and dropped two of her new songs on Tidal: "16 Carriages" and "Texas Hold 'Em," which she teased in her Instagram announcement. (The songs will be available on other platforms after the Super Bowl.)



Fans have been speculating some kinda announcement was in the works due to ~hints~ from Verizon. First, we have Tony Hale standing in front of a green screen with the horse from Renaissance and what appears to be a snippet from Beyoncé’s “My House.”

On top of that, there’s an ad tease of Tony Hale squeezing lemonade and saying, “She wants me to squeeze all these lemons by myself? This better work,” which also featured a clip from “My House.”

Meanwhile, Beyonce teased a country era at the Grammys, wearing a giant cowboy hat:

And this ^ should’ve been the biggest clue of them all. Beyoncé’s Act 2 will be released on Friday, March 29, which she announced in the same Instagram teaser.

In total, it looks like Act 2 will have 16 tracks on it, including the two Beyoncé treated us with tonight. March 29 can’t come soon enough!!

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