Uplift Black Brands At This Joyful Interactive Cookout

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Teaming up with Target, we’ve created an interactive cookout experience where you can navigate scenes and shop Black-owned products. Part two let’s you explore the whole event. (Expand to full-screen mode to get the best user experience).

Summer is here. And that means cookouts and all those other joyful summer activities are back!

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But it also means some important decisions have to be made:
Which family members at the cookout are you going to talk to (and, if we’re being honest, avoid)? How much food are you going to fit on your plate this year? And is it time to finally break out your one-of-a-kind dance moves?

We’ve created a virtual cookout where you can do all these things and more. Even better, all the products featured at the cookout are part of Target’s Black Beyond Measure, which supports and celebrates Target’s Black brands and creators.

So go ahead and head over to the event, the host will be very excited to see you!

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Target and G/O Media Studios.