This upcoming movie has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes... and hundreds of beavers

 Hundreds of Beavers.
Hundreds of Beavers.

I love cinema. For every super serious political drama or real-life scandal that's exposed through film, we get something that's just plain silly. It could be David Lynch throwing the detective book at a monkey accused of murder in What Did Jack Do? or a Chilean dictator depicted as a bloodsucking vampire, but perhaps the best concept for a film I've ever seen is Hundreds of Beavers. You won't catch anything like this on Netflix.

The name says it all really, this is a movie about hundreds of our favourite bucktoothed critters. As any movie with such esteemed subject matter should, it currently boasts a perfect 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes too. The film, directed by Mike Cheslik and co-written by its star Ryland Brickson Cole Tews is a Chaplin-esque adventure of one man determined to become the best fur-trapper in North America. In true Looney-Tunes style he soon gets in way over his head and finds himself at the mercy of.. hundreds of beavers and their legal system. It all makes sense now right?

Shot in black and white with no dialogue, this looks like slapstick at its very finest. Check out the trailer below. How did they get the beavers to act so well? Is it too late for a surprise Oscars push?

After making its way through the festival scene in 2023, the film is now touring North America with exclusive performances with live elements and Q&A's from those involved. As for a more general release, we'll have to wait until February 9th when it will become available to digitally buy and rent. The film will also be streaming exclusively on the independent movie service Fandor later in the Spring so log (sorry) that in your memory or rent it, invite some friends over and enjoy!

Honestly just going off the trailer alone I will definitely be checking this film out on release day, and if you need any beavers for a sequel, plenty of the T3 team are up for it.