On Unveils Cloudmonster 2 Trainer With Extra Cushioning

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LONDON — The On Cloudmonster is evolving with a new iteration, the Cloudmonster 2.

The new running shoe promises more cushioning for everyday runners by updating its CloudTec sole, which adds extra height, resulting in a firmer back and softer front.

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On has collaborated with the neuroaesthetics studio and lab Kinda to celebrate the launch of the new trainer by creating a track that’s scientifically designed to energize runners with specific BPMs, frequencies and melodic dynamics.

The track was tested on runners and the results, according to On, showed that runners experienced “dynamic heart rate patterns,” “mood boosts” and a “synchronization of runners’ heartbeats.”

The Cloudmonster 2 campaign features DJ and producer Jayda G, who has created special mixes for the launch and can be streamed via NTS Radio.

On Cloudmonster 2
On Cloudmonster 2

On has managed to carve out a niche in the highly competitive running shoe market with its Cloud footwear franchise. The brand quickly became the top-selling running shoe in Switzerland and then, tennis superstar Roger Federer made an investment into the company and helped it move into the tennis space.

In 2021, On Holding went public on the New York Stock Exchange, providing further financial fuel for growth.

On is now found in 9,800 points of sale in more than 60 countries, and in its first full year as a public company in 2023, posted net income of 57.7 million Swiss francs (about $65 million), with net sales rising 68.7 percent to 1.22 billion Swiss francs (about $1.4 billion), the company reported last March.

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