Is ‘Untold’ really ‘the scariest movie ever made’? Is it on Netflix?

If you’re looking for the scariest movie to watch on Netflix right now, one TikToker claims it’s Untold — a creepy new horror movie that most viewers are so terrified by, they can’t even bring themselves to finish it.

In fact, TikTok user @tmi_7 (AKA “Mr. Movie”) claims that some people are even calling it “the scariest movie ever made.” The only problem? Many TikTokers are now questioning whether or not it even exists.

The debate about the film, which allegedly debuted on March 7, has been going viral ever since Mr. Movie declared it a must-see. The film review quickly took off, gaining 2.8 million views in less than 24 hours and leading thousands of people to pick up their remotes and see what all the fuss was about.

“According to this Netflix algorithm report, it says that 96% of all accounts turned the movie off at exactly 9 minutes and 45 seconds,” the content creator claimed while holding up a document. “Now, I watched the movie past 9 minutes and 45 seconds, but almost everyone I told about this movie had to shut it off right there.”

As a result, only 4% of accounts were allegedly able to finish the movie, the TikToker added.

While it remains unclear what exactly the movie is supposed to be about, it sure does look creepy. As Mr. Movie talks, a movie poster in the background shows the image of a person shrouded in a sheet surrounded by darkness. In the background, the theme music to Halloween plays quietly, and the movie’s tagline — which calls it a “horrifying true story” — makes it all seem oddly fascinating.

The fact that so many people allegedly can’t stick the whole film out was also clearly enticing to many horror fans.

No wonder then that many of them went flocking to their Netflix accounts to either watch the film or add it to their queue. But when they got there, most were either confused or disappointed (or both).

Right away, dozens of commenters said they couldn’t find it.

“I can’t find it. ugh,” one commenter wrote. “really wanted to see if I could make it through the whole thing.”

“I can’t find it either,” another person said, “give us more Intel.”

“Why cant I ever find anything you ever talk about on Netflix?” someone else groaned.

The answer to that one is actually pretty simple: The movies Mr. Movie “reviews” don’t really exist.

According to the TikToker’s bio, the handle is a parody account just made for laughs; but the fact that it’s managed to trick so many people into believing that it’s real is rather impressive.

Based on other comments, it’s clear that a lot of people caught on quickly to the ruse.

“I heard it’s so scary that 100% of people can’t find it,” one person joked.

“My wife and I made it past 10 min but we didn’t finish it,” added someone else. “My son wanted to but we didn’t let him, and he’s 19.”

Honestly, it’s kinda too bad this one isn’t a real movie — because if it were, we’d definitely want to check it out. For now, we’ll stick to the shmunguss category on Netflix instead.

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