Unstoppable Energy: Eli Williams Is On Fire In This Ripping New Edit!

Unstoppable energy, unstoppable force—the terrain is unimportant: Eli Williams will tear through it and make it look good all the same.

From the SF streets, flipping out of ledge tricks and frontside flipping bumps to bombing crusty ditches and a bevy of terrifying vertical terror, this dude has a flame lit inside of him and it's felt in every clip.

The kickflip nosegrind line honestly took me by surprise. So good. No faking the funk here. Eli's style is as real and raw as his bag of tricks and it really doesn't matter what he's doing or what he's skating—he will provide.

Some people were just born with that natural flow. It's not exaggerated; it's unique. It's impossible to replicate and silly to even try. Eli is unarguably one of those people. Style matters and there's just a certain energy that this dude gives off as he breezes through difficult trick after difficult trick.

Everything is executed with care. It's not always the trick itself that matters, but rather how it's done. Eli clearly knows.

All the big dogs are in the comments giving Eli love, respectfully. But something tells me that's hardly what keeps his flame lit. He's just a skateboarder. And that's more than enough.

Video / @eli_p_williams

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