‘Unreal’ estate with intriguing past for sale in Virginia. See what $26.5M gets you

An estate named Llangollen has landed on the real estate market in Upperville, Virginia — about an hour outside of the nation’s capital — for $26.5 million.

While that might seem like a pretty penny, the more than 1,100-acre ranch is a thing of beauty that has over two centuries of rich history attached to it and is considered “one of the most famed estates in the Hunt Country,” author Kitty Slater said of the ranch in her 1973 book “The Hunt Country of America,” The Washington Post reported.

A news release about the estate calls it “unreal.”

The property dates back to the Colonial era when it was owned by the Powell family from 1795 through the 1800s, until it was purchased by lawyer Harry Toulmin in 1908, The Post reported. The estate became a marvel of character and beauty when it was bought by U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom John Hay Whitney as a gift for his wife, Mary Elizabeth Altemus.

A restored 12,500-square-foot Colonial Revival manor house is the heart of the property, and there are multiple other structures, per the listing, including:

  • Seven barns

  • Three polo fields

  • Eight tenant cottages

  • Maintenance building

  • New and historic outbuildings

“Llangollen is unusual in that it’s an outstanding equestrian property, yet it could easily be adapted for alternate uses,” the listing on Hall and Hall says. “The open ground is mostly level, making it ideal for farming, livestock, or wildlife habitat. Where there is topography, it is gently rolling and provides just enough elevation to make recreational pursuits interesting.”

The listing is held by Alex Webel.

Llangollen farm is as scenic as it’s historic.
Llangollen farm is as scenic as it’s historic.
The ranch near the nation’s capital spans more than 1,000 acres.
The ranch near the nation’s capital spans more than 1,000 acres.

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