Universal’s classic monster movies are headed to YouTube

Allison Shoemaker
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Could we interest you in some fictional horrors, as a nice change of pace from the abundance of real ones? In a fit of accidental good timing—we’re assuming it’s an accident—NBCUniversal will be releasing some of its classic monster movies for free on the ol’ YouTube. NME reports that a series of Universal’s titans of the genre will, beginning January 15, arrive on the YouTube channel Fear: The Home Of Horror. Each will be available to stream free for a week, and during that week, the films will also be for sale digitally for a discounted price.

Here’s the schedule:

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There’s no shortage of horror to stream online, but if you’ve never had the pleasure, these classics are well worth seeing. For one thing, the spooks! The scares! The shrieks! For another, the influence of these seven films is far-reaching, with the genre as a whole owing much of its DNA to what’s found within.

Plus, that Bride Of Frankenstein hair? Iconic.

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