United's 'Miles Play' Promotion Is Back — and You Could Rack Up Some Serious Points

Scoring a few extra points is easy with this one.

<p>Courtesy of United Airlines</p>

Courtesy of United Airlines

Planning to fly with United soon? You could earn bonus miles with the airline's latest "Mile Play" promotion. So long as you're traveling by a certain date and so long as you're one of the few targeted for the offers.

It's free to sign up for United's MileagePlus program, which allows travelers to stack points that they can use on future trips, and to gain status for perks like complimentary upgrades and free checked bags. It also allows travelers access to promotions like its United Mile Play program, which is sort of like a lottery system that gives certain users specific promotions based on their MileagePlus number. The promotion isn't offered to every member every time it's offered, but when it is, it's always enticing.

Each offer is targeted to the individual user, but everyone who takes advantage of the offer must register and make their transactions by June 7, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. CT to get the benefits.

Travel + Leisure spotted a few examples of promotions that different fliers were targeted for:

  • Book and take a flight (must be $100+) and earn 3,000 miles

  • Book and take 2 flights (must be $200+) and earn 8,300 miles

  • Book and take 3 flights (must be $225+) and earn 12,000 miles

United says these miles will be posted to accounts "six to eight weeks after the promotion ends," so don't expect to use them immediately after travel. When redeeming those miles, travelers can check the rates using the "Book with miles" button on the airline's homepage.

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It's worth noting that these bonus miles are awarded to any standard earnings travelers would earn on their ticket. Fliers without United status will earn five miles per dollar spent on the base fare of a ticket, while a top-tier Premier 1k member can earn upwards of 11 miles.

Furthermore, United offers several unique ways for travelers to rack up miles, even if they're not flying. Just a few weeks ago, the airline launched a new, customer-friendly feature to pool miles between groups of up to five members. Travelers can also earn miles from everyday spending on a co-branded United credit card or by exchanging their unwanted gift cards.

To participate in this promo, travelers just need to have their United MileagePlus number readily available and enter it on the promotional page. And maybe have a little good luck on their side too.

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