Unexpected Visitor on a Golf Course Is Making People Think Twice About Golfing in Africa

IMAGO / imagebroker

Many golfers stumble upon unexpected visitors on the golf course. My husband golfs often and has seen deer, squirrels, snakes, and other critters on the green. The golfers just wait for them to move and continue on. But in some places, you'll find alligators or even scarier animals when you tee off; like if you're golfing in Africa, you might come across a cobra!

@Off the Deck Golf shared a video in mid-November of just that...a cobra on a golf course in Africa. The video is only 14 seconds long and shows a king cobra standing as he slithers towards the camera. He's moving very quickly, and whoever is recording is a lot braver than I am because I would be running!

That would be a big NO for me! I cannot even imagine getting this close to a cobra that looks like it moves a lot faster than I can (they're the fastest snake in the world and can move at speeds of up to 12 miles an hour). The fear that would come after an encounter like that would also leave me never wanting to golf anywhere again!

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The video went crazy viral, with more than 50 million views and more than 30 thousand comments. @Off the Deck Golf commenters had a lot to say about the jaw dropping snake. @Dac Campbell spoke for all of us and got 85 thousand likes for his comment, "This video made me realize I underestimated the size of a fully grown cobra lol"! @Kiki_206 got nearly 100 thousand likes for her comment, "Not the mongoose watchin his lunch slither away!"

This video definitely gave people the feels! Sounds like people aren't fans of snakes. Glad that I won't be golfing in Africa anytime soon!

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