The Unexpected Bread To Try For A Sweet And Savory Grilled Cheese

Close up of grilled cheese
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For a quick meal when you don't feel like cooking something fancy, melty grilled cheese is never a bad pick. Better yet, this meal is easy to mix up by playing around with the type of bread you use, switching up what cheese you slap in the middle, or even adding other fillings to the mix.

If you're trying to branch out from the norm, one unexpected twist to try is to swap the usual white bread for cinnamon bread instead. Although it sounds a bit unconventional, this bread balances out the salty taste of the cheese and gives you a tasty sweet-and-savory combination. Plus, the cinnamon adds a woody touch to the dish and a warm, soft spiciness. You can use any type of cinnamon bread you like, and you can still play around with other fillings and types of cheese to come up with a meal that really tickles your tastebuds.

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Getting The Right Bread And Finding The Perfect Cheese

Loaf of cinnamon swirl bread
Loaf of cinnamon swirl bread - JDzacovsky/Shutterstock

When making this grilled cheese twist, there are a number of different ways to incorporate cinnamon. For starters, you could make a cinnamon raisin grilled cheese, getting added sweetness from the dried fruit. For something more straightforward, a simple cinnamon swirl bread can work instead. If you don't have either of these on hand, you could also add this flavor to your meal by mixing cinnamon sugar into the butter you spread on regular white bread. Or, use two flattened cinnamon rolls as the bread slices instead.

Besides the bread, you've also got to consider the cheese. For a truly sweet-and-salty pairing, cheddar and parmesan could be good picks. If you want something a bit more neutral, however, mozzarella or brie might be better choices, giving you a creaminess without introducing too much salt into your meal. Think about whether you want to play up the sweetness or the saltiness of your sandwich as you choose a cheese. You can also go for a mix of cheese if you like. Then, put your grilled cheese together and fry as usual!

Don't Forget About Other Add-Ins To Upgrade Your Sandwich

Apple and bacon grilled cheese
Apple and bacon grilled cheese - Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Although you can keep things simple and just add cheese to your sandwich, you can also layer in some extra add-ins. One option is to layer apple slices in your sandwich. This can turn up the sweetness in your meal while also adding a bit of crunch. They can work well with a variety of cheeses, too, whether you go for a creamy brie or a salty cheddar. Alternatively, get a similar effect by spreading some apple jam or other fruit jam on the bread. You won't get a crunch, but you'll still get the same sweet fruity flavors added to the meal.

Another option is to swing the opposite way and enhance the savory notes in your sandwich. A good way to do this is to add some slices of bacon. Once again, you'll get a bit of crunch added to the meal, but you'll also turn up the salt and add smokiness.

You could also add some nuts, such as pecans or walnuts. Nuts add rich, crunchy flavor without enhancing either the salty or sweet notes in the sandwich. Plus, they can work well against the cinnamon in your sandwich too.

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