Underground Charger Surfs 'Bomb of the Day' on Borrowed Board at Mavericks

Michael Joshua had low expectations when he paddled out in the lineup at Mavericks on December 28th, 2023 – the biggest day in years, according to many surfers.

“I’m not on a tow team,” the Half Moon Bay local recalled. “I’ve towed here and there throughout my life, but I don’t have a lot of experience. No equipment, no team. I thought I’d get a couple waves in the evening when the tide dropped just paddling.”

But that’s not what happened. Joshua borrowed a tow board, grabbed the rope behind Portuguese surfer Nic Von Rupp's jetski, and scored the “bomb of the day.”

The video above from Powerlines Productions delves into Joshua’s experience that day. Here’s Joshua’s account:

“I was just watching it for a little while. Then, Nic Von Rupp gave me the opportunity to tow. He asked me if I wanted to get a wave, but I didn’t have a board. He went to Cotty [Andrew Cotton] and asked for his board. He told him I was a local, and Cotty happily gave me the board to use.

“Nic’s a great surfer and ski driver, so he put me right in the spot on all four waves I caught. They were just gradually bigger and bigger waves. It was the perfect session.”

As for Nic Von Rupp, he was “so stoked to see the local crew dominating.” And regarding his time towing with Joshua, NVR continued:

“You take a lot in life, especially as a pro surfer. But it’s so good to give as well. It’s one of the most special feelings in surfing. Surfing is a selfish sport – it’s about you, your wave, your sponsors – and it’s so amazing when you have the opportunity to give to others.”


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