This Under-The-Radar Ice Cream Maker Has TikTok in a Frenzy for Turning Milk Into Desserts in Minutes—and It’s Now $50 off on Amazon

Let’s be honest, we’ve all gathered here for one purpose. To crack the secret of how to make the best homemade ice cream that doesn’t require a ton of ingredients. We shouldn’t be shocked that the answer was found on TikTok. One viral video with over two million views has convinced thousands of people that the new and improved Ninja Creami Deluxe is the key to turning ordinary milk into soft, creamy ice cream that looks like it came from a restaurant. The best part? It’s $50 off on Amazon right now.

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TikTok user @_finallyallison proved that making homemade ice cream with Fairlife chocolate milk and the Ninja Creami Deluxe only takes a few minutes. This machine is the most recent model of the brand’s collection of ice cream makers and offers a larger 24-ounce capacity whereas the original Ninja Creami only allowed up to 16 ounces. Plus, the new model only costs $20 more than the previous one, so you might as well go for the upgrade while it’s marked down.

Shop It! Ninja Creami Deluxe, Was $200, Now $250 on Amazon
Shop It! Ninja Creami Deluxe, Was $200, Now $250 on Amazon

Its advanced design has 10 preset functions for making ice cream, sorbet, gelato, frozen yogurt, slushy and more with the option to choose if you want a scoopable or drinkable consistency. You can even mix two flavors in one bowl by selecting to process only the top or bottom half or the entire thing. This is a great feature for when you only want a small portion and prefer to save the rest for later.

The ice cream maker comes with everything you need to get started including a recipe guide, creamerizer paddle, two storage containers with lids and an outer bowl. All you have to do is freeze your base for up to 24 hours, select your consistency, and voilà! You have a refreshing frozen treat.

Not only did TikTok users go into a frenzy over this machine, but Amazon shoppers also think “the hype is for real.”

“We love this appliance,” wrote a 5-star reviewer. “We had no idea how easy it was to have fresh ice cream or a sorbet anytime we wanted it; we quit buying ice cream and simply have our own base ready to mix fresh whenever we want it.”

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It might be time to part ways with store-bought ice cream and start mixing your own at home with the Ninja Creami Deluxe. It can be made with ingredients you likely already have on hand and will probably taste better too.

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