The Under-$10 Canvas Storage Basket That's 'Been a Game-Changer for Me'

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With the start of a new year, organizing and decluttering your home is probably at the top of your list. Maybe you resolved to get your stuff together this year and have a designated place for everything in your house. If that’s the case, storage bins are a big help in organizing your space. And Walmart has a canvas storage basket that’s not just useful but aesthetically pleasing.

Walmart’s Mainstays Natural Canvas Storage Basket with Handles is currently just $9.17 and has exceptionally positive reviews. It comes in four colors but currently is only available in off-white, gray and tan. All colors have the same brown “leather” handles and measure 15 inches deep, 11.02 inches wide and 7.87 inches tall. The canvas is made from a polyester-cotton fabric and has a sturdy frame thanks to wires inside every corner.

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Mainstays Natural Canvas Storage Basket with Handles, $9.17 at Walmart

Shop it at Walmart!
Shop it at Walmart!

One reviewer wrote that the canvas is “thick” and “feels like it is higher quality than your average storage bin.” The canvas and “leather” handles also give it a “fancy” look. Despite those glowing comments and giving it five stars, they did say that one downside to the basket was that it didn’t have a “sturdier bottom.”

However, another reviewer commented on how “handy” and “sturdy” this basket is.

“I recently got the medium-sized canvas organizer bin and I must say, it's been a game-changer for me!” they wrote, also saying that it was well-made and easy to transfer throughout the house. They noted that its size is “perfect” for so many different types of household items and has “ample space” to hold whatever they need it to. Another major perk? This storage basket seems to fit most storage shelves, making it pretty versatile. Between its stylish yet neutral color and durability, this is a major win for this reviewer.

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Even though most of the product’s 126 reviews are 5-star, it does have over a dozen 4-star reviews and three 3-star reviews. And if you ever want to get an honest opinion on any product or service, 3-star reviews are your best friend; they tend to be pretty honest about something’s faults and strengths. One 3-star review said that the basket can handle a lot of items and is great for most things, but that it lacks a lid which would be a good addition. Another one wrote that it was “simple but elegant” and made with a “good strong canvas.” But they wrote it does get dirty fast because it lacks “studs” or something on the bottom, meaning that the full basket touches whatever surface you place it on.

For a little over $9, though, this canvas basket would definitely be a stylish and useful addition to your organizing arsenal.

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